Yoga Medicine – Asanas for Backaches

Yoga can be used to treat a great many different problems such as headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, stiff hips and even backache. These specially selected Yoga Asanas are designed to be both beginner friendly and alleviate backaches in both the lower and upper back. You should not use these postures if you have severe back problems such as a slipped disc or fracture problems. With continued practice of these Yoga postures for Backaches your back pain will gradually decrease and can even disappear altogether. These Yoga postures are particularly effective for people suffering from back pains that are as a result of poor posture.

Things to remember during these poses: Do not focus directly on the affected part. At first you need to rest the painful area of your back so focus on the areas above and below it instead keeping the affected part passive. Your back will gradually become stronger and less liable to ache with time and practice. These simple Yoga Asanas and their selected variations can help improve your backache and provide a wealth of additional benefits for health and well being.

  1. Virasana Forward Bend – Hero Pose. Details of this posture can be found in our post “How to Treat Stiff Neck and Shoulders”. To help with back aches, add a folded or rolled blanket between your upper thighs and stomach tucked in closely.
  2. Uttanasana – Forward Extension. This is a variation of the Uttanasana posture detailed in “How to Treat Stiff Neck and Shoulders”. However, instead of using a pole to aid your bend, stand 4-5 ft away from a ledge and bend forward resting your hands on the ledge. Stop when your body is at a right angle in line with the ledge.
  3. Savasana – Corpse Pose. This posture can be found in “Three Simple Yoga Postures You Cannot Live Without”. For backaches, raise your legs and place on a chair so that the knees are bent to a right angle and your legs remain aligned evenly to your body. Don’t forget to relax your body, do not stiffen the legs.
  4. Ardha Candrasana – Half Moon Pose. Details of this posture can be found in “How to Treat Stiff Neck and Shoulders”. For backaches, raise the hand that is normally on your waist so that it is straight and vertical in line with the hand holding on to the block or brick. A ledge such as a wardrobe or the side of a shelving unit may be useful so that you can hold onto its edge with your raised hand. Twist your body upwards slightly as you raise your arm and look up towards the ceiling.
  5. Half Uttanasana – Half Forward Bend. This is a variation of Uttanasana in point 2. Stand in front of a table and place folded blankets or bolsters over it to raises the table to the height of your hips. Stand with feet apart in line with your shoulders. Bend over the table standing on tip-toe and rest your body on the bolsters. Hang your arms and head off the edge of the table so that they are parallel to your legs. Keep your arms and legs straight and brings your heels back down to the ground so that your feet are flat.
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This article is very informative and helpful. I want to learn every pose to strengthen my back. Nowadays, every second is faced with the problem of back pain. It’s very important to treat, and it’s better to prevent these pains.