Yoga for Seniors

Growing older brings with it new physical challenges. Muscles and joints don’t loosen up as easily as they used to, and we tend to have a hard time even standing up straight. While some exercise regimens are just too much for many of us, Yoga for seniors is a great way to limber up and reclaim some of that youthful energy that you might have thought you’d lost.
Yoga for Seniors has benefits that you can often feel immediately. Stretching and breathing deeply help move oxygen through your bloodstream, easing that tension and relaxing your body. Along with a relaxed body comes a relaxed mind, which we all know is great for the heart!
While some people think about Yoga as something complicated and strenuous, there’s no reason it has to be. Start off simple by just stretching your arms and legs before you get out of bed in a natural, easy way. Turn your feet in circles at the ankle before you sit up, and lift your arms over your head and try to touch the ceiling with your fingertips. Work your hands by making fists and spreading the fingers apart while rotating your wrists. All the while make sure you’re taking plenty of deep breaths.
This helps your circulation, and does it at a time of day when you need it the most. During sleep your circulation slows right down, and this is why mornings can be so difficult for many of us. Spending a minute stretching leisurely and breathing deeply can change your whole day, making it much easier to get going in the morning.
Yoga for Seniors improves many of the body’s systems that you care about the most. Your blood pressure is normalized, some balance in your nervous system is gained, and of course it’s great for your heart. This, however, is only the beginning.
Let’s face it: sometimes your memory feels like it’s going on you. This is where the breathing techniques you learn in Yoga for seniors come in. Don’t laugh: you will be surprised at how clear your head feels after a session. Whether this is because more oxygen this is because is getting to your brain or if it’s because controlled breathing helps you calm down and focus, you’ll notice a difference after just one session. You’ll feel not just clear-headed, but calm, relaxed, and awake. If you’ve been finding yourself going through your days in a fog, this might be the fix you’re looking for!
If you’ve been doing your basic stretches in the morning and want to experience more of the benefits this kind of thing can provide, check for a local “Yoga for Seniors” class in your area. They’re becoming very popular, and most places have something available. While there’s a lot of language associated with Yoga that doesn’t always seem like it makes sense, don’t worry: most instructors will give you the simple names for the positions that help it all make sense. These days the sessions focus on things like “double leg raises” and “half spinal twists”, without asking you to do things you aren’t comfortable with.
So if you’re ready to start feeling better, check for a Yoga for Seniors session in your area. You’ll be glad you did!

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