Why Yoga for Kids?

Yoga is an ancient way of uniting our body, mind and soul. It relieves us from stress, increases energy, enhances concentration, builds strength and focuses on the overall development of the body. From several decades, people have been practicing yoga and enjoying its benefits. However, the question here is: do kids require yoga? Well, yes. Yoga is very beneficial of kids as well. Kids are the most important part of our society. Healthy kids will grow up to become healthy adults.

Moreover, the stress that surrounds today’s kids is no less. The competitive environment, academic pressure and the stress to perform hampers the personality of the kids. It is very common to see kids facing loss of confidence, sleepless nights, bad health, less concentration and poor memory. In addition, the introduction of television, video games and computers have confined the kids to their houses. There is less activity, and this leads to monotony and downfall of personality. One of the best solutions to all these problems is yoga. Yoga keeps the children fit, makes them flexible, keeps them active, builds self-esteem, makes them calm and peaceful, helps them to relax, teaches them to accept themselves, make them creative and much more. It is important for the parents to make their children learn yoga. It will be even better if the parents accompany their kids while doing yoga. This will help in creating a prefect learning environment and all of you can enjoy this fun activity.

Seeing the enormous benefits of yoga, many schools have already introduced yoga classes for young children. During the class, kids enjoy each other’s company, learn to be non-competitive, hear soothing music, drive off their fears and stress, know about the origin and history of yoga, learn to respect each other and the surrounding and most of all realize that yoga is actually a fun-filled activity. As these kids grow old, they become more responsible, patient and stress-free. Yoga actually becomes a part of their life.

During the yoga sessions for children, more than concentrating on the perfect posture, one should concentrate on their inner development. Children are flexible and they quickly learn to do different poses of yoga, however, they might not do it very accurately. The basic idea should be to make everything enjoyable and teach yoga in the form of interesting songs, stories, laughter, games and animal poses. Yoga poses mainly imitate the nature like animals, trees and rivers. With different types of postures and sounds, children can be taught about our culture and tradition. They will also gradually learn to respect their body and grow up in a healthy manner.

Take your children to a yoga class or teach them yoga at home, but remember to keep it simple. Your main motive should be to help them relax, keep them stress-free and teach them a new and healthier way of life. You can also ask them to add their own creativeness to the yoga techniques. This will keep the kids more involved and will boost their power of imagination. Keep the whole activity light and fun-filled and kids will surely love it.

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