Weight Loss Supplements

Excessive weight, obesity, or fat storage in the belly has become the common ailment of most of the people today. This is due to the mass production of fast food, fried food, synthetic soft drinks, excessive liquor consumption and the application food with cheese or butter in daily nutrition of people. Fat people are teased as flesh mountains and road rollers with their bulging belly like the drum and losing all the beauty and grace.

Recommended Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Excessive weight is a great hindrance in daily living. People are not able to bend, not able to walk long distance and they suffer breathlessness. Excessive weight will affect one’s health against blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. It will cause joint pain and muscle pain. The overweight will cause to have arthritis, osteoporosis gall stones and sleep disorders.
Overweight can be cured by natural way. There are many weight loss supplements. They can be:

  1. Fasting
  2. Balanced Diet
  3. Walking
  4. Gardening
  5. Staying Active
  6. Physical Exercises
  7. Hydro Therapy
  8. Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama.
  9. Body Contouring – Dancing, Cycling, Hip and Thighs Exercises,
  10. Acupuncture
  11. Acupressure
  12. Hypnotism, subliminal Hypnotism, Neuro linguistic programming.
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These are the best Weight Loss Supplements, but the essential key point to fight excessive weight is strong motivation, will power and programming the sub conscious mind. One needs patience and perseverance. The best weight loss supplements can be an effective means but the psyche and physique of the man should have faith, continuous striving and not breaking the rhythmic approach which he has begun.

Fasting is the most effective weight loss supplement but one should have great prudence and wisdom while fasting. He should use the correct methodology. It can be called as Diet Therapy rather than fasting. One should fast for brief periods. He must substitute the right food to his vices in taking in the wrong food items. Man should not fast obsessively, for it may cause to lose his health. While fasting he must not do the heavy work, for he may faint. He must avoid being present before harmful food and avoid friends who force him eat in a disorderly manner. He must avoid taking Butter, Ice cream, sweets, Chocolates, cream, cakes, Fried Foods, Fat meats, Gravies, Bread, Cereal Products, Sugar, Potatoes, Soft Beverages and Alcohol.

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During Fasting it is better to take Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Grape and Celery Juice. The morning breakfast can be substituted by eating tomato .It is very necessary to reduce the salt because it destroys the nutritive value of the food. One must drink plenty of water to maintain metabolism.

While using the weight loss supplement one should use self control and take care of his psyche. People may tease or mock at him in either way. He must be prudent and selective while mingling with friends. One must eat slowly, chew properly, and avoid conflict while eating. One must be in a pleasant and peaceful mood while eating.

It is useful to eat when one is hungry but in a moderate way avoiding the food which causes the accumulation of fat.


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