Weight Loss and Your Brain

Weight loss and your brainWeight Loss and Your Brain

Have you ever noticed that when you are a little overweight and not actually dieting that you aren’t hungry? Well, apparently weight loss and your brain are inextricably intertwined. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you actually don’t feel that hungry at all – generally. BUT – you can go from being perfectly fine (if a little overweight) one minute – not even hungry, to feeling positively starving hungry the instant and I mean the very moment when you decide YOU ARE NOW ON A DIET!

And that’s the main problem I have found with dieting. I’m fine, not really thinking about food, maybe slightly looking forward to my next meal, but not thinking about food at all really. But the moment I decide I am on a diet and losing weight from then on, I can think of nothing – really nothing – but food and eating.

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Weight Loss and Your Brain – It’s Quite Normal

When I researched into this though, I was surprised to find that this is perfectly normal, even a symptom of dieting. Apparently there’s a kind of switch in the brain that flips the minute you say to yourself, “right, from now on I am going to limit what I eat”. And the switch in the brain says – “right, from now on it’s my job to make sure you eat as much and as often as you can”.

Weight Loss and Your Brain – Mind Over Matter

But worse than that, such is the power of your brain over your entire body, that it also seems to be able to make sure by some mechanism or other that the little food you do take in is stored as fat reserves instead of being used up as energy. Double whammy for the brain!

Weight Loss and Your Brain – The Way Forward

So in my view, one of the main keys to dieting success is finding a way to flip that switch back. It’s finding a way to tell your body or your brain that actually you aren’t really that hungry after all. And the current trend in diet supplements or diet pills seems to be towards that direction.

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Not a magic pill to make you lose weight even thjough you eat just as much, but a dietary supplement that makes you feel like you need less to eat. In the same way that a Nicotine Patch will satisfy your craving for nicotine and help you stop smoking, these diet supplements will reduce your desire for food – threreby helping you to eat less and hopefully with increased exercise, lose weight.

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