Weigh for fat loss

For anyone serious about losing fat and keeping fit, checking weight daily is a powerful tactic.

Here are reasons I have found weighing in daily works so well for me. See if any might work for you.

1. Because I eat daily. And because I tend to eat a lot, weighing in daily keeps me honest. My mindset here is if I can eat daily and never miss, then I can weigh in daily and not miss, too. It pays off.

2. Weighing in daily keeps my fat loss and fitness program a top priority. Because I have a big appetite and particularly love fattening foods, I must keep on my program, keep it one of my top priorities. I have to keep my focus. I sure find it a lot easier to gain weight than to lose it. Checking my weight daily helps.

3. It is harder to overeat when I know I will be weighing in. Absolutely. I want the reading on my scale to give a good report, right around 190 pounds. When I am within a pound or two of my ideal weight, I am happy. With that happy feeling in mind, I find it a lot easier to push away from the table after a satisfying meal, and not overeat.

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4. I find it harder to miss exercise when I know I will be weighing in. I find this absolutely true, even though I rarely miss exercise, because I really enjoy it. I almost always weigh in after exercising and before eating in the morning. I like to get the lowest reading possible. Makes me happy.

5. Weighing in gives me clear, instant, unambiguous feedback. I need this kind of in-your-face feedback. No guessing, no bull, no punches pulled, just that readout on the scale says all I need to know, good, neutral or bad. And I adjust accordingly.

6. It helps me to know myself. This is the long-term payoff of weighing in daily for me — I have really gotten to know myself better weighing in over a year. I came to see I eat a lot. I am okay with that, now that I can simply look at it, and admit it. I am okay with it because I know appetite is a good thing, it is how our bodies say feed me, I need fuel and nourishment. And I enjoy spectacular health and fitness eating my plant-based diet of whole, fresh, natural foods, emphasizing fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and lots of them.

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7. It is a healthy habit and habits are all-important. It is what we do daily that is crucial. Weighing in daily is my habit, one I rarely miss, just like exercising, and it serves me well. It keeps me on track, keeps me honest and works like any good habit does.

Try weighing in daily. It can be a great tool in your fat loss and fitness arsenal. It really works well for me. TipGet a digital scale, they give you info down to 1/10 of a pound, which is very useful.

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