Tips from the Masters of Meditation Techniques

Do you remember the first time you realized there were specific meditation techniques to make you a better disciple of mediation? It can be a little puzzling when you are learning your meditation techniques that there are definite tools and methods that can make us better at meditation.

Meditation techniques resemble sports disciplines in that way. In any discipline, there are tools and methods. And just as in sports there are workout techniques to practice, we have meditation techniques to make us stronger, more skillful and more successful in attaining our goals. That is why we study how to meditate from the masters of meditation in both the medical and religious communities. By getting tips from the masters, we can get the basics down and have a firmly rooted meditation technique that will move us to the next level.

There are even tools that we can take advantage of to make our meditation techniques better. While the discipline of meditation is profoundly spiritual and cerebral, the masters of meditation technique can teach us a lot about how to use tools and meditation techniques to help us overcome frustrations others have experienced. These tips are focused in three primary areas.

  1. Posture
  2. Location
  3. Accessories
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Is It All About the Lotus Position?

The lotus position is a seated position in which the student crosses his or her legs and the feet are placed on in the middle of the opposing thigh so the body is somewhat locked into position. Now there are some advantages to the Lotus positions but tips from the masters of meditation technique teach us that there are alternative meditation techniques that will benefit our discipline and accomplish our goals.

The posture of meditation is an important part of our meditation techniques to be sure. But many people shy away from meditation because they know the lotus position is uncomfortable. They think that this position is the sum and total of the practice of meditation. Masters of meditation technique teach us to focus on the goal of meditation not one particular posture. They can give us valuable tips on how to select the right meditation posture…

  • The sitting position removes the distracting discomfort of Lotus while preserving the peaceful posture of an erect seated position.
  • The sit-stand method helps reduce the incidence of drowsiness. It takes some practice to achieve contemplation in this way but the benefits are worth the effort.
  • The recliner chair posture is a highly productive meditation technique because it can enable the student to meditate for longer periods of time.
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The Meditation Shrine

How to select the perfect location for meditation is more about the student than it is about the place. But there are some tips we can use to reduce the amount of distractions our location might cause. And selection of our meditation location is an important meditation technique that we learn more about as we grow wiser in our knowledge of the art. Some of the tips to follow are…

  • Select a place that is quiet and not prone to interruptions.
  • Select a place where there will be no alarm as we practice our meditation techniques.
  • Select a place from of distractions and temptations.
  • Select a happy place.

Tools of the Trade

Now that the masters of meditation technique have given us tips about posture and location, what more do we need to know? You wouldn’t normally think of there being “tools” of meditation but there are aids and physical items that we wish to take into consideration to make our meditation practice is rewarding and enlightening.

  • Clothing is a tool of meditation technique. It must be loose and comfortable.
  • A Mantra can be a powerful meditation tool. Selection of words or other ways to focus our thoughts is a big part of our growth and practice.
  • Candles can be helpful.
  • A point of focus can aid in achieving a degree of concentration that we desire.
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How to select the point of focus whether it be a small object, a flame or something else and how to customize our meditation techniques is highly personal. The masters of meditation technique would have us concentrate on the outcome, not the process. But it is worthwhile taking time to consider these tips as we move into our meditation regimen so we can see good progress in our journey toward more successful meditation.

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