The best fat loss plan

Many of us do our best to eat right, exercise faithfully, persist in our efforts to lose weight, and get stuck. We reach a point where we can stand to lose more excess fat, but have little or no weight loss, despite putting out effort. If you’re experiencing this, here are some checkpoints to help you soldier on toward your ideal weight.

• Check your eating and drinking honestly. Anyone can sabotage their best eating and exercise efforts with just a couple of days of bad food or beverage choices. Or just one small but bad food or beverage choice, like a soda a day. Same thing for four-five days a week of coffee with sugar, topped with whipped cream. Or booze drinking regularly. All are non-nutritious extra calories you don’t need.

• Have you really looked at your food portions and cut back if they are too much? Recently I caught myself pinching a large portion of raisins for part of my meal, because I love raisins. I put half back and didn’t miss them. We must obey the feed limit and eat the best foods for fat loss—a plant-based diet of whole, fresh, natural foods devoid of animals and animal products.

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• Ask yourself and answer honestly, are you truly getting at least five days a week of moderately high intensity aerobic exercise, for at least 40 minutes at a time? If you are not, make sure you start, or re-start doing so. And if you can increase it to 60 minutes, do so.

• Have you done the above, but are now just repeating the same thing over and over? You must increase your intensity or the amount of time you exercise—or a combination of the two—to keep seeing improvement. This upward spiral only continues until you reach your ideal weight; then your main exercise duty is maintenance.

• Are you really making sure it is moderately high intensity aerobic exercise? With highly aerobic walking—which is recommended—you must push yourself. You’ll breathe hard.You’ll definitely sweat if you’re pushing yourself. Many people delude themselves in this area—they’re walking casually, walking and talking, just “moving the body.” Wrong, won’t work.

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• Have you made the whole thing your top priority? Almost everyone who has succeeded in losing weight permanently says doing this was critical to his or her success.

• Have you written down clear, measurable weight loss goals with deadlines? Do you carry these on a card and read them regularly? And before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning? You’ve got keep focused, and doing these are musts.

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