The Basics of Yoga

Yoga is older than recorded time. It may well be tens of thousands of years old. Yoga’s beauty lies in the realization that a practice of yoga is as relevant to our lives in the 21st century as it was all those many centuries ago — maybe even more so, given the stresses and uncertainties of our fast-paced, modern lives. If I were to name one thing that has been the greatest blessing in my life, I would say it is my daily yoga practice and meditation. I like to practice in the quiet early morning hours, finishing up just as the light creeps across the sky and the birds begin their morning call. Throughout the day when things get rough, I sometimes remember how I felt early that morning and can recapture that peaceful clarity.

So well-known is the idea of yoga that it hardly needs explanation. But what, in essence, does yoga mean? Being an inquisitive sort of person, I always enjoy delving into the origin of a word in order to glimpse its essential meaning. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word yug, which means “to yoke,” or bind together. And what does yoga bind together? All the various parts of our selves often thought of as body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is an instrument of wholeness. And by the way, did you know that the word “whole” is the origin of the words health, heal, and holy? Amazing, isn’t it, how even an ordinary dictionary can be a source of enlightenment.

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The main focus of this website is instructional, working with asana (Exercises), pranayama (breathing techniques), and the practice of meditation. These are the tools of yoga — tools to pick up and use to change ourselves for the better, to drop self-defeating patterns and to live to our deepest and highest idea of who we are. As you move deeper into your practice, still more elements of yoga come in to play.

Everything we practice today has a historical background, a story behind it. Here we are going to talk about history of yoga which is around four to eight thousand years old. We find the traces and hints of practice of yoga from Indus civilization. The Mohen jodaro seals and carvings are the best proofs of the yoga from Indus civilization which depicts a figure and as per some archaeologists it represents a yogi sitting in meditation posture. The posture of the figure was shown sitting in a traditional cross-legged yoga pose with its hands resting on its knees. The discoverer of this seal was archaeologist Sir John Marshall and this seal was named Shiva Pashupati.

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In simple words yoga is actually an exercise in which mind, soul and body are united. The person who is skilled and expert of yoga and who trains other is called yogi. In other words, yogi is a person who teaches yoga to other people. Today, most people join classes to learn the art of yoga for the peace of mind. Most psychologist and psychiatrists recommend yoga to patients with mental disturbances like depression and anxiety. Yoga is considered as a whole program of keeping physical and emotional wellbeing. In simple words, in most countries yoga is taken as an exercise/fitness regimen.

In the western and the modern world the stress is more on the physical side rather than the spiritual side. More stress is on breathing and stretching of the body, in the modern yoga. If you cannot join classes or don’t like to read then you can also find dvds and videos of yoga so that you can learn by watching it. Make sure you go through the authentic websites in order to learn more about yoga and its history. A little bit of research before doing yoga is must and can also be helpful, as your medical experts before you start doing yoga. Also read about the benefits and advantages of yoga.

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One can find books, websites that offer authentic information about history of yoga and its practice today. If you visit a yogi they can explain you what yoga is all about and also about how much they charge for the yoga classes. People who have already practiced yoga have good things to say about it as it really relaxes mind, body and soul. If you learn yoga then continue doing it in order to keep yourself fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

Find out about the institutes that offer yoga classes near your location and the best source is to find through web. All you need is to explore the world of web and find out more about yoga and its history.

Relaxation of soul, body and mind is very important in order to lead a peaceful and happy life. An individual on his own, no matter how much effort he or she puts in keeping himself and herself happy can at times become discontented. Yoga is for everyone, its for relaxation of your soul, mind and body. Enjoy the relaxation and union of soul, mind and body with yoga

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