Teenager Yoga

Teenagers – School, dating, flirting, drinking, working, sleeping, music, text messaging and facebook. From the age of 13 to 19, this phase is also known as “the teen years”. From preteens to teens, this is a broad topic in today’s hectic society. There is often an automatic judgment that comes to mind when adults cross paths with a group of young teens having fun and hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, teenagers have a bad reputation. What about the other side to teenagers though?

Teenagers – Stressing, worrying, unconfident, body image, puberty, first time heart break, and maintaining passing grades. The life of a teenager can be stressful and overwhelming. There is a lot on there plate in terms of decision making and what the future holds for them.

Often times the emotions and dealings of teenagers go unnoticed. Society assumes that their life is “fine n’ dandy” and full of fun adventures. The good news is there is also a group who recognizes the difficulties that arise when transitioning into adulthood. Every teenager should be provided with assistance to make their life less stressful. An area in which I feel passionate about regarding an ease in tension is Teen Yoga.

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Yoga involves minimum equipment (sometimes none if they offer rentals), comfortable attire (stretchy material) and a toning workout for your body. It connects the mind, body, and soul. It assists in strengthening your upper body, thorough stretching of your muscles, and your mental state of mind. There are many forms of yoga, all of which are based on personal preference.

The different sources of yoga vary in areas of specialty and specifics. Teen Yoga can involve any one of these sources. General yoga is soothing and focuses on relaxed stretching, breathing techniques, and improving flexibility. Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room (just under 40 degrees Celsius) and its focus is on cleansing the body and gaining endurance. Power yoga establishes high levels of activity in improving overall strength of the body and stamina. Candlelight yoga assists in removing bad energy from the body, consisting of numerous relaxing poses, which are designed to help your mind unwind.

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This article is aimed at reaching teenagers who feel stuck with there stress and anxiety. While my focus is on Teen Yoga, there are a number of other activities that provide common assistance. Check out local venues and newspapers. Do your research online. Many gyms, community centers, schools, and privately owned centers offer Teen Yoga. There are also videos available for purchase if you have the dedication to complete the exercise on your own time. You all have the options available to you… it comes down to seeking these opportunities.

The next time you find yourself cramming for your Biology unit test tomorrow, worried over what he/she will think of you, discouraged with a pimple that broke out, upset about a fight with your parents, or stressing over next week’s date night… stop and consider your options. Ask yourself if there is an alternative method to releasing your inner concerns, rather than bottling them up. Teen yoga is one of many choices to help cleanse the mind and body of bad energy. Stay smart, have fun, and live a healthy life.

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