How To Stay on Track When You Work Long Hours

I get this question a lot from clients. “How do I stay on track when I’ve so little time?”. They leave home at 7 and get home 12 hours later. They might also train or do a class in the evening meaning they might not get home till 9pm. The most important thing to realise is that diet is going to account for 80-90% of your results when it comes to fat loss. So if you end up missing a few weeks of working out but keep your food on track you won’t see a huge change in body composition.

Even the busiest people can make time for their diet once they make it a priority. That’s what it all comes down to. So if you know you are going to have a busy week you need to plan in advance. For meal prep you have a few options.

Nutrition made easy

You can pre cook some chicken fillets and use frozen veggies for a super quick meal that takes less than 2 minutes to prep.

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Add some seasoning to the chicken and veggies to improve the taste

Meal prep and knowing what ingredients to get can be a pain. Nom nom paleo takes away all the guess work by telling you the exact ingredients you need to buy for the week base don what recipes you choose on the app. Plus they’re all delicious!

If you don’t like cooking and don’t have time then go with a meal prep company. Are they more expensive, of course! But what is your time and health actually worth??

All of the above will take some time and effort on your part but doesn’t everything work while in life? And this is YOUR body and health we are talking about. Isn’t that the most important thing in the world?

Liquid Calories

Because we are all stressed and sleep deprived our go to drug is caffeine. It works wonders and allows us to get more done but the more intune I get with my body the more I want it to be able to fend for itself. Caffeine in small doses is fine, but using this as a way of surviving is pushing lifestyle issues you are not currently dealing with further upstream.

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A lot of caffeinated drinks can be high in calories so if you are consuming it, stick with tea and coffee.

Try a home made smoothie for a better liquid calorie alternative.

Mix the following in a blender.

  • Frozen berries
  • Protein powder
  • Almond meal/butter
  • Chia seeds
  • Scoop of protein powder
  • Handful of spinach (optional)

Nutriton pointers

Batch cook larger portions and eat 4-5 times form thins.

Focus on eating only at meal times (no snacking).

Think about what you are feeling. Are you actually hungry or bored?

Work outs

One of many reasons why I love bodyweight training is you can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. Give me a pull up bar and a wall and I can hit my whole body. I don’t need to commit to the gym or buy fancy equipment. Squat, pushups, pull-ups, planks and locomotion are a pretty solid exercise routine. You can sign up to my next 30 day challenge to learn more about simple bodyweight movements you can do anywhere

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Wrap up

All of this comes back to one point: are you making this a priority or not? If not all the excuses will get in your way.

  1. Don’t use your job as an excuse. Take responsibility for you life. It is only you who can change it.
  2. Everything counts – it isn’t a missed work out or a bad meal here and there that ruin your progress. It’s missing weeks of workouts and having weeks of bad meals that do.
  3. Plan your week in advance. – It takes some time but man is it worth it. Planning your meals and workouts in advance will save you hours during the week.
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