Sitting Is Killing You

In the last 150 years we have gone from spending 90% of our time in a standing position to 60% of our time sitting.

Chances are, you’re reading this sitting at a disk or on a couch.

Just observe your posture now.

Are you sitting with a straight back and shoulders relaxed away from your ears?

Or are you slumped over a desk with your neck tilted forward?

My guess is on the latter.


The truth is sitting wreaks havoc on your body.

We are designed to move in different ways throughout the day.

Whether it was climbing a tree to get fruit, crawling under a bush to move onto a new path or sprint to avoid a hungry predator.

When we sit all day or muscles, joints and ligaments switch off. Your muscles atrophy and hips tighten.

If you are from a western country chances are you cannot sit on the group or squat properly.

You posture is getting progressively worse each day.

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Your chest is tight, your shoulders round forward and your back is always tight at the end of the day.

This is what most desk workers complain off. I suggest making small changes to offset the negative effects.

Way to offset the negative effects

Install Timeout app on your computer. This reminds you every 10 minutes to take a 15 second break.

Every hour it reminds you to take a 10 minute break.

This is awesome because you are constantly reminded throughout the day to get up and move.

You also give your mind a break for 15 seconds.

During the 10 minute break you can take a short walk and do some gentle stretches at the office. Grab some water and get some movement in.

Next is to start a mobility routine on a daily basis. Try the 5 minute routine in the video below to loosen the hips.

I suggest you complete this hip opening sequence in the morning after you shower or brush your teeth. You can read more about forming new habits here.

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Next it’s time to get smart about your exercise.

After spending all day sitting at work is it really a good idea to sit on a bike or the pec deck at the gym?

Thought not.

Choose movements that put you through a full range of movement like deep squats, push ups, pull-ups and deadlifts.

Look to partake in activities that challenge your movement like dance and yoga as opposed to something repetitive like running.

Lastly start stretching at work. Yes you’ll look like a freak at first but once you explain the risks associated with sitting they’ll be doing it with you.

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