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Herbal supplements, or botanical preparations, can be used in curing almost every children disease, having the attribute of being less expensive, safer and more effective than synthetic ones. Herbal supplements cannot replace medicines that were recommended by the doctor’s recipe, or the ones in free sale, but in many cases they can serve as an addition to conventional method of curing by remedies.

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Both pharmaceutical companies and contemporary herbalists own a great merit to ancient herbalists who scrutinized the qualities of various herbs and carefully observed the results of their appliance. As the time went, herbalist discovered that some herbs are curing, and the other ones may be harmful. Safe herbal supplements have been determined in many thousand years’ long experience of traditional herbal medicine. But, are all of the herbal supplements safe?

There is an unsettling information that the great majority of people hesitates before having swallowed a few pills of “Tulenol”, but won’t think twice if they are to take few pills of herbal remedy, since it is believed to be ‘natural’ or harmless. Although it is a fact that the most of curing herbs are safer than synthetic medicines, with less serious unwanted effects, if not used in a proper way, curative herbs may manifest as burly and unwanted qualities as synthetic remedies.

There are some criteria that ought to be fulfilled before putting an herbal product into a sale: the characteristics of herbal component, the quantity of herbal component at product unit on a daily basis, the role of herbal component in a product, the product’s purpose and the declaration and information that go along. Just like all other supplements, safe herbal supplements are supposed to help maintain some normal physiological processes; they are not used in prevention or therapy.

These preparations are used at certain cases or supposed to be used by some user groups. Although some pharmacy experts think that herbal supplements diminish the dignity and trustfulness in herbal remedies, it is a fact that there are a large number of herbal products amongst these categories. By the rule, such safe herbal supplements’ products must contain: extracts of non-curative herbs (species, aromatic ones etc.). If they consist of the extracts of curative herbs, in recommended daily dose, there must be a smaller quantity of active ingredients in a relation to established, therapy dose of that herbal material.

Also, there must be information regarding the role and influence of preparation ingredients to physiological processes of human organism without the information on therapy efficiency, since the quantity of herbal component is smaller than a therapy dose. Some of the most common safe herbal supplements would be Goldenseal- used to prevent and treat flu, Ginkgo Biloba- used do cure tinnitus, memory loss or headache, Garlic, used rather as a prevention of high blood pressure, cholesterol and atherosclerosis, St. John’s Wort- used to treat depression etc. However, even these preparations and supplements can interact, and their dose must be adequate.

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