Relaxation Meditation Techniques

If you are like me, if it takes relaxation meditation techniques to finally learn to let our hair down and relax, it sure is worth it. In life, we have many ways to relax including television, sports or just hanging out with family and friends. But the art of achieving real relaxation includes that capacity for achieving a calm that sometimes requires the discipline of a relaxation meditation technique.

Meditating has some powers to bring calm and peace that really cannot be achieved any other way. When we meditate, our mind is given the capacity to release the tension and care of the day and we ascend to a higher mental state. The skill of meditating is definitely more of an art than a science but it gives you the capacity to let go of concerns and not let them dominate your life or even your day.

The Very Best Relaxation Meditation Techniques

When you think about how most of us live our lives week after week, we really do leave the art of relaxation up to chance and whatever is on the tube that night. But every now and then, you meet someone who you can tell has an internal discipline, a mechanism to let go and return to that mental state of relaxation even if there is chaos all around them. If you know such a person, odds are they have taken some time to develop and practice some practical relaxation meditation techniques that really do work for him or her.

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Your mental state and your capacity to calm down is far too important to leave to chance. By investing a little time in developing some proactive relaxation meditation technique, you are empowering yourself to fight back against the daily assault of tension and anxiety that can cripple you and keep you from being really productive and happy.

So let’s lay out a few starter ideas that can help you get your relaxation meditation techniques in place. Then once you are off and running, you will be enabled to build your arsenal from there.

Relaxation Meditation Technique #1 – Build a Room in Your Mind

The capacity to relax even under stress doesn’t just spring into existence. It is the result of your disciplined use of relaxation meditation techniques during your private hours. When you meditate, one of the methods you use is to create a serene place for your thoughts to go and calm down. Some call it “going to a happy place” but however you express it, you are making a reserved mental refuge where you can go when you need to enter into that contemplative state.

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Think of it as building a room in your mind where troubles and anxiety are not allowed to go. You can do some positive visualization of that place and even see the color of the walls, what you see out the windows and what kind of art you have on the walls. The good thing about putting some creativity into your inner room is that it is there any time during the day that you need to take refuge for a moment to let go of the immediate stress and get control. It is a relaxation mediation technique that truly empowers your mental calm any time of the day.

Relaxation Meditation Technique #2 – Breath Man

Mediating, no matter what the variation of teaching you subscribe to, invariably instructs us to learn how to breathe. Have you ever noticed that when you get upset, anxious or afraid, the first thing that happens is your breathing becomes unsteady and shallow? How you breathe not only reflects your mental state, it can change your mental state. So by learning the art of breath control, you can put yourself into a meditative calm, even if you are not meditating alone in your quiet place.

As you become more experienced in meditating, learn to take joy in the positive effects the breathing exercising you do has on you. Then, once the art of meditative breathing comes natural, begin to utilize it outside of your moments of dedicated meditation. You will find that learning to use the capacity to bring calm through breathing can be a powerful resource for you during your busy day.

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Relaxation Meditation Technique #3 – Make the Time

Probably the hardest thing about building a habit of routine meditation and learning relaxation mediation techniques is devoting the time each day to slip away and make it a priority to meditate. You must give it that kind of devoted time. Whether that means not hitting the snooze bar and getting up to start the day in the calm of meditating or letting everybody you know that a certain time at night is your moment to let go of everything else and meditate, its important that it is a time that is not up for grabs.

By being a disciplined and devoted disciple of relaxation mediation techniques, you are giving yourself the capacity to let meditation calm you any time of the day or night. It becomes more than a hobby you maintain so you can relax at night. It becomes a way of life.

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