Recommended steps to lose weight

So many well meaning people never get around to losing weight. They can be overweight for years, saying things like, “I know I should lose 10 or 20 pounds (or more).”

But they don’t. They don’t know how. They’re not motivated to get beyond the should stage. They don’t want to cut out all their favorite fattening foods, or do daily exercise.

If they do get on a weight loss regimen, they largely don’t know what they’re doing and make mistakes that doom them to failure or temporary success. The Maui Diet and its project called FLIP—fat loss immersion program—focus on making fat loss your top priority, getting on a program that works, and sticking with it.

Without that, most people fail. For many of the reasons below. The following mistakes are as common as fast food joints in busy parts of town, and just as fattening. Review them often to generate momentum on your fat loss and fitness program, accelerate your fat loss and make it permanent.

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12. Not making breakfast the main meal of the day.

11. Not obeying “the feed limit”—eat only to about 3/4 full.

10. Not weighing in daily.

9.   Not eating whole, fresh, natural foods.

8.   Not doing aerobic exercise with proper intensity.

7.   Skipping meals, depriving yourself, starving yourself.

6.   Skipping exercise days, or doing exercise haphazardly.

5.   Having junk food choices around—don’t buy them.

4.   Not doing strength/resistance training.

3.   Not making the whole thing a priority.

2.   Not developing and following a daily plan.

1.   Not having specific, clear fat loss goals.

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