Raspberry Ketone “Side Effects”

Whenever a new supplement comes out, people want to know whether there are any negative points to it — raspberry ketone side effects are literally nonexistent! There are more than 40% of North Americans who are considered obese or overweight by the CDC and right now anything that helps improve weight loss is considered very important and should be studied. It should be a priority for people who are overweight or obese to take any steps possible to improve their health.

Raspberry ketones have no known side effects at all and are safe to consume in any amount.

What are raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketone is a compound that is found naturally occurring in raspberries and is a phenol which is responsible for that distinctive aroma that is associated with raspberries in general. The compound can also be synthesized and cultured in laboratories and because it is quite rare, appearing in raspberries in only trace amounts, artificial generation is the most common way in which people obtain large amounts of the compound.

How do they affect weight loss?

When combined with a healthy diet and a lifestyle, raspberry ketone “side effects”are actually nothing more than the ability to help with losing weight. The compound increases the speed at which fat is metabolized by the body. The way this was tested was to feed laboratory mice a very high fat diet and raspberry ketones in varying degrees between test groups. What was found on completion of the study was that the more raspberry ketone was introduced into the diet of the mice, the faster the rate at which they were able to burn off excess body fat and prevent weight gain.

What other effects of raspberry ketone are there?

One of the other effects of raspberry ketone on the body is that it has powerful antioxidant properties. The ketone is able to bind with oxidized free radicals in your system which are capable of causing cancer.

What are people saying about the product?

Most people who talk about raspberry ketone side effects will agree that there are literally no bad effects to using the supplement and that it is all beneficial, no matter how much they use. Although no real tests have been done on humans, if you talk to nutritionists and body recomposition experts, you will find that many of their clients experienced great benefits after adding raspberry ketone to their daily lives.

What’s the best way to fight the obesity epidemic?

The CDC has called America’s propensity towards obesity an epidemic and an issue that we must do something about as soon as possible. People have already taken steps to reduce refined carbohydrate consumption and to add more whole grains, reduce saturated fat intake and other small steps that give an overall better health snapshot and small, but steady improvements, and raspberry ketone could be one of those products that has a similar effect for you.

If you can call it one of the raspberry ketone side effects, then it certainly does assist you in losing weight, but you need to make sure that you have a healthy lifestyle. The main tip that you can take home about having a healthy lifestyle is to increase your general activity level during the day. Instead of using the elevator take the stairs. When you’re at the mall, instead of standing on the moving stairs, use them to walk up faster. If you need to go to the corner store then walk, if you do your groceries every few weeks with a car, do them more frequently with your bike.

Combining these tips to a healthy lifestyle will make sure that the only raspberry ketone side effects that you experience (if these can even be called side effects) are reduced pangs of hunger and faster fat burning metabolism.

In general

You can of course get raspberry ketone by making the fruit a regular part of your diet. While it is hard to get in significant quantities, if you learn what compounds, minerals and other micronutrients are necessary and beneficial and use them all in your diet together you can get a great range of micronutrients.

There are no known raspberry ketone side effects and the product can be used very effectively for hunger restriction, anti oxidant purposes and faster fat burning.

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