Protein Much Really Need

From now on your life is not going to be the same again, I can assure you that. Generally the inside world of nutrition is kept hidden from the average gym goers and fitness enthusiasts but not anymore. So you don’t believe me, just answer this simple question; how many of you really know what goes inside you while taking your meals or nutrition supplement? How will it affects your system? I bet, not too many of you will be able to answer these, now it’s time to get out of this darkness and acquaint yourself with all the hidden knowledge of macronutrients; especially, the king of all the macro nutrients; Protein.

As we all know that after digestion protein converts into amino acids which form the building blocks of our muscles. That’s why proper amount of protein is not only necessary to put on the new lean mass on our body but it also helps in preventing catabolism which is the result of rigorous training and carbohydrates less diet. Therefore our diet should include different protein rich sources that should be enough to provide us our daily quota of protein.

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Now there are two things that concern us; firstly, the quality of the protein which depends on its source and we should always aim for the highest quality of protein, which is measured in PER (Protein Efficiency ratio) and secondly the protein requirements are not same for everyone. They vary from person to person, depending on his activity level, intensity of his training, size and body weight etc. If these things seems too overwhelming to you right now then don’t be scared, we will try our best to tackle these two issues about quality of protein and the protein requirements; how much protein per day you actually need.

Since the quality of protein depends on its sources, here is good news for all the non vegetarian people out there. Non vegetarian sources of protein contain the protein of highest PER. Chicken breast, lean meat, fish, eggs and beef are some of the best sources of protein and if you happen to be a non vegetarian, then let me congratulate you, because you can build the best body of your dreams without any supplements, because the required micro and macronutrients especially protein, you can get from your diet itself. And vegetarians, don’t lose heart, it’s not so bad for you either.

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No fat milk, which is considered to be a mix of fast releasing protein, whey and the slow releasing protein, casein, are some of the best protein sources for vegetarians. The other good vegetarian sources of protein are tofu, soy, cheese etc.

Now the question arises about the protein requirements; how much protein per day, you require? Although it depends on the activity level of the concerned individual, but every healthy individual requires around 1.5grams of protein per pound of his body weight and for fitness enthusiast who are engaged in some heavy training should consume around 2 grams of protein for each pound of their body weight.

Now who doesn’t want a lean and mean physique with all those rippling muscles and washboard abs? But for that you need to get your daily quota of bodybuilder’s nutrient called Protein.

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