Precautions of Dietary Supplements

-Be aware that even if the manufacturers have put list of ingredients on the label, that does not mean that those ingredients are actually in that very product. Some studies conducted on ginseng products have found out that out of 54 ginseng products, almost ¼ of them didn’t have ginseng in them, not even in traces.

-If you see that one ingredient can be found in big quantity in a product that might be dangerous for your health. Also, ingredients of certain kinds do not tolerate other ingredients, so put together in a product, they might be either dangerous of completely ineffective.

-A lot of dietary supplements consist of some maleficent substances because they were not treated with proper care during manufacture and transport.

-Watch out for products with daily values’ percentages of minerals or vitamins that go above 100%.

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When talking about vitamins and minerals, they are generally considered safe if their daily consumption doesn’t exceed commonly known recommended values. However, some precautions of dietary supplements for vitamins and minerals are suggested, because in some cases high dosages could cause serious problems. Those include iron poisoning, especially with children; liver damages due to high dosages of niacin; pain in bones, stupor, muscle weakness and problems of nervous system due to Vitamin B high consumption; urinary problems and diarrhea from excessive dosage of Vitamin C…

Precautions of dietary supplements made of herbs and other botanical substances are also to be taken into consideration, especially when the person is already using medications, during pregnancy, with severe condition and with children below the age of 12. Some of the ingredients of such dietary supplements are yet to be thoroughly examined and some of them have already proven to produce severe side-effects. Here are some ingredients you should be really careful with:

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– chapparal, related to some liver conditions;

– guar gum, intestinal blockages might occur;

– ma huang, heart rate might become accelerated, blood pressure increased, might cause nerve damage, stroke, psychosis, and memory loss;

– yohimbe, seizures, kidney failure and/or death might occur.

It appears that although you wish to use products potentially helpful, you have to be very careful not to choose those that would lead to dangerous consequences. Maybe the best solution for the future would be revision of the legislation which regulates this area that would order safety measures to be taken by dietary supplements’ manufacturers.

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