Positive Existence

Some people believe they have the power to determine their own reality by sending out positive intentions to the universe. This kind of thinking may feel incompatible with the belief that life follows a divinely predestined script. The beauty of intent, or sending out intentions to the universe, is that it can work for anyone. This essay considers the power of intent, affirmations, and intuition in a person’s spiritual life.

Positive intentions are not dependent on a person’s belief system; positive intentions are as simple as thinking something will happen in your life. It is possible to take a greater step towards stating intent by saying it aloud or writing it down in a formal record. You determine the power of positive intentions by valuing them in your life.

Another perspective is good intentions are affirmations. If you believe in affirmations, you know it is important to repeat ones you like and create new affirmations fitting your circumstances every day. This idea echoes a religious person’s daily recitation of prayers. The power behind intentions and affirmations is your belief on a spiritual level you can bring good things into your life, especially if believing means achieving your goals.

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Friedrich Nietzsche, a landmark philosopher, wrote in his book, The Gay Science, his belief that people should try to affirm everything and be critical of nothing, including those individuals who express criticism themselves. Nietzsche’s idea is taken out of context here, but his words are of great relevance to the power of intentions and affirmations. When you put an intention out into the universe, it does not occur in a vacuum. It occurs in a universe vibrating with many colliding intentions, or energies. For all of your good or bad intentions, there will be people around you, and perhaps spirits of the deceased, creating their own good and bad intentions.

Is it confusing to accept the power of visualizing and affirming a happy existence? Live your life in harmony with the people around you even with the knowledge there are bad things and bad people in the universe. Having positive intentions does not stop bad things from happening to you. This is the area of your existence where intuition assists you. Learn to listen to the little voice in your head. When you listen to your intuition, you make better choices. You are not afraid of the unexpected because your inner voice prepares you.

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There is another way to look at intentions. People sometimes give their trust to prophets, or at least to individuals who seem to have divine wisdom or divine foresight. If you meet a prophet, resist giving up your own faith and reason. You can accept wisdom from any person as long as you don’t let their wisdom reduce you to living in fear.

Nostradamus once predicted:

“When the divine spirit takes over the prophetic soul,
Trouble, famine, plague, war are unleashed.”

This negative thinking suggests people who have faith in the supernatural will manifest negative conditions in their life. This type of nihilistic thinking only breeds bad things in life. Sometimes what appears to be divine insight is really you listening to your inner voice. You might believe the insight when someone else confirms it.

If you are connected spiritually to others around you, rely on your intuition to guide you. Remember your positive affirmations and protect yourself with positive thoughts. Minimize the damage of negative intentions from other spirits in the universe. For every good thought you send out, you bring more good things to your existence.

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When you devote mental and spiritual energy to negative thinking, you bring bad circumstances to your existence. It might be as simple as ruining your personal relationships. Who wants to be around a negative person?

Affirming the positive is good for your soul, and negative thinking is toxic. You can approach your existence with rationality, but you can also use the rational mind to create positive circumstances. Intentions, affirmations, and intuition are powerful tools for living.

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