Plant based diet and weight loss

The single best strategy for losing fat by eating is to eat a balanced, plant-based diet of natural foods. At the least cut back on your animal products consumption and replace them with vegetables, whole grains and fruits, beans, legumes—you’ll drastically cut your calorie and fat intake with just this strategy alone. Eat whole, fresh, natural foods, just as they come from nature. These are the naturally filling foods, and the most nutritious.

Take your healthy meals and snacks with you. A key strategy, and easily done. It is very hard to find good, healthy food otherwise. Most food easily available are almost always junk—fast food, convenience store food, vending machine, etc.

Try eating twice a day. Or even once a day for a few days of the week. Or two nutritious meals a day might suit you perfectly. If that’s not enough to keep you satisfied, try two meals and a healthy snack or two. Or one highly nutritious meal and a couple of nutritious snacks. Whatever you choose, start moving away from the three-big-meals-a-day way—it’s just not advisable today.

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Make water your main beverage. Drink pure, filtered water, before, during and after exercising, and all other times. Muscle is more than 50 percent water and water is an essential transporter of nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Eat a high quality breakfast. If you’re going to have one main meal of the day, one good bet is breakfast; ideally with a portion of a high quality, lean source protein and one portion of high quality complex carbohydrate. Example: Oats and quinoa (a high protein grain) with fresh fruits, with sunflower seeds, nuts.

Eat a high quality lunch. If you’re not a breakfast eater, then make your main meal lunch. In many countries of the world the main meal is the lunchtime meal and it works just as well as a high quality breakfast.

Eliminate or severely cut down processed, refined, fast food junk carbohydrate foods. French fries, donuts, sugary breakfast cereals, cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs, cookies, chips, pie, cakes—start moving these out of your diet now. Beyond just being junk food, these junk carbohydrates cause blood sugar imbalance and slow down our metabolisms, which further leads to fatigue and fat gain.

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Eat lighter meals/snacks later in the day. Get out of the habit of making dinner the big, main meal of the day. Eat more in the morning, mid-morning and early afternoon and go lighter on foods in the later afternoon and evening. Avoid eating altogether for three hours before going to bed.

Eliminate or severely restrict energy bars, power bars, and “meal replacement” foods. These include candy bars, “power bars,” cookies, shakes, diet shakes; meal replacement or booster beverages like Ensure. The main ingredients in all of them are sugar, both real and phony, as well as milk products.

Severely limit or eliminate entirely alcohol. Even one glass of wine or beer the night before working out can really affect our ability—and motivation—to exercise.

There are dozens more ways to lose fat by eating in The Maui Diet and The Maui Diet Daily Action PlayBook. Remember, the most important thing is that we create our bodies by what we feed it. Feed yourself only the finest, premium fuels.

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