Motivation for weight loss and exercise

Read this list of the rewards of exercise, and when you don’t feel like exercising, re-read it and it will help you get motivated:

• Physical exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good.

• Exercise increases blood flow throughout the brain, which nourishes it so   that it can function at its peak, and favorably affect our moods.

• Exercise increases blood flow to all of the body. A body that is constricted    doesn’t feel good.

• Exercise has been linked to a better sex life, for both males and females.

• Exercise gives exercisers a general sense of well being that those   who are    sedentary don’t experience. They have increased energy   and a healthy    appetite. They sleep well and are usually happier.

• A program of exercise makes many people feel just as good as if  they were    taking antidepressant medications or other pharmaceuticals.

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• Exercise improves work performance. One study showed workers who   exercised improved their mental performance, time management and ability to   meet deadlines.

• Exercise is essential to good health in our fast-paced, stressful lives.

• Exercise gives us more energy and keeps us from feeling lethargic.

• Exercise increases metabolism. It also helps keep our appetite in  balance    and keeps our weight down.

• Exercise helps normalize melatonin production in the brain and  enhances the    sleep cycle.

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