Meridia For Weight Loss

Having a BMI of more than 25 puts you at a high risk of high blood pressure stroke, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases. This will have increased your predisposition to cancer if you are already genetically predisposed to the disease. You will know if you have a BMI of more than 25 if you cannot go up a flight of stairs before panting yourself crazy, but you will have to get this confirmed by a physician before you take any other action towards weight loss. After getting this confirmation, you can then ask for a diet pill, specifically Meridia weight loss pills.

The Meridia requires a prescription from a physician; it is not the kind of diet pill you can self prescribe. It is effective only when taken as prescribed and for the length of time it has been prescribed by the physician. It helps to cut down the level of sugar in the body and reduces the excess weight in the long run. Taking it once in a day is the prescription that most physicians give their obese patients. It is a highly effective diet pill which takes a little time for the positive effects to show. Taking it for a longer time than prescribed or taking more pills at the same time reduces the effectiveness of the diet pill.

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The effectiveness of the diet pill is increased with the inclusion of exercises and a healthy diet. If you have no idea as to what constitutes a good diet, get a nutritionist to make one just for you. The nutritionist will use your weight to make a diet plan for you. The same is the case with an exercise regime which needs the advice of an expert. With the combination of Meridia, some good exercise and a good diet, you will see the results of the weight loss in a few weeks time. The exercises in your regime should include resistance exercise like weight lifting to encourage the building of muscles and the reduction of fat. The drill is the same with all exercises; don’t push yourself beyond your limits, increase the intensity of the exercises as you progress. In your dieting, reduce processed sugars. Eat six small meals per day as opposed to three large meals and drink plenty of water.

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Do not be discouraged by the side effects, which happen in the first two weeks of the usage of the Meridia diet pill as the body gets used to it. The side effects include constipation and insomnia.

Usage of the Meridia for weight loss must be prescribed by a competent physician. Self prescription of the drug is like standee in the way of a moving truck. A physician will advise you of the side effects you need to be looking out for and discourage you from alcohol which should never be used alongside the Meridia diet pill. If you have drug or any other allergies, Meridia may not be good for you. So is the case with Kidney or liver diseases and stroke among others.

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