Mental strategies for fat loss

We create ourselves with our thoughts. We can change our shape by changing our thoughts, our mindset, our outlook, our self-talk, our attitude. These powerful mental strategies do just that when you’re committed to losing fat and getting fit. What you’re saying to yourself, how you’re thinking, what you’re thinking, all these are super important when it comes to losing fat.

Think lean.
As you think, you will be—think lean. It is a definitely a good strategy to get a mindset of lean, to think lean. Better choices and good things will follow.

Thinking lean means thinking lean when making food choices—every time. At a breakfast buffet, think fruits instead of pastry. If you’re “thinking lean” in such situations, your mind is naturally going to remind you to go for the healthy choice. If the pastry starts to win out, go half fruit, half-pastry and you’ve won. Next time it will be easier to go all fruit or maybe just one bite of pastry and leave the rest on the plate.

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Thinking lean means getting exercise, even when you really don’t feel like it. So get some exercise, if only five minutes. You’re thinking lean, you’re acting lean.

Thinking lean means if we’re thinking lean and healthy, both consciously and subconsciously, powerful stuff happens. Like we’re automatically making healthier, leaner choices—in food, exercise, and in the 60,000 thoughts we think each day. If we’re taking the time to proactively choose to think lean, healthy thoughts, we’ll automatically take actions based on those types of thoughts.

Adjust your attitude.
Attitude is everything. In the case of healthfully and permanently losing fat and getting fit, there is only one attitude that works. And it is, “I will do this.” Say those words out loud or to yourself right now. And mean them.
“I think I will,” or “I’ll try” won’t work. Adopt the attitude of “I will do this” right now and never lose it. Get into the habit of saying these exact words right now. Say them to yourself, or out loud, when you get up in the morning. Say them throughout the day to keep you on course. “I will do this.”

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The all-powerful attitude
An attitude of gratitude is an enormously empowering attitude when you’re on the path to losing fat, getting leaner and healthier.
It means you’re grateful for the chance to get fit and all the ways to do that. Grateful for all the fantastic, healthy, natural food choices we have available to us—never before in human history has such a healthful bounty been available.
Grateful for all our exercise options, our clean water, and all our blessings. We’ve got everything going for us and it empowers us no end to be grateful for all of it.

Control and direct your self talk
Control and direct your self talk to be positive, constructive, upbeat. Make it serve you. Replace any negative self talk with your new vocabulary. Examples:

  • I feel fantastic losing weight and creating a leaner, healthier body.
  • I powerfully change my eating and exercise habits to lose weight and get leaner.
  • I focus and visualize daily on me at my healthiest weight and I love the feelings.
    There are hundreds more of these in The Maui Diet).
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You are an athlete
Get the mindset of you are an athlete, a mover, an exerciser. And what do athletes do every day? They exercise, they never miss a work out. They practice, practice, work, work. They do the same things over and over. Do the same. Adopt that same mindset of, “I never miss my exercise. I owe it to myself and I do it. Daily.” Repeat this daily before you exercise: I am an athlete.

Always keep in mind this top mental tactic. It will serve you well—

“Claim and believe hard tasks are easy and they will become easier and be accomplished more quickly.”

There are dozens more top mental strategies in The Maui Diet and The Maui Diet Daily Action PlayBook. 

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