Lunch ideas

Manoa lettuce wrap with tofu, water chestnuts; shiitake mushrooms, ginger Chinese parsley

Curry tofu salad, baby greens

Super size salad with lots of greens and fresh veggies, cashews, tossed with basil vinagrette, no oil

Blackened tofu with veggies

Mashed banana and peanut butter on whole wheat bread

Maui veggies with couscous, sautéed veggies, dill dressing, baby greens

Quinoa salad, toasted veggies, basil vinagrette, baby greens

Hot veggies and tofu salad

Stir fry tofu and veggies, peanuts, chile, baby greens, toss with sesame vinegrette

Quesadilla, whole grain tortilla, sautéed onion, tomato, diced green chiles, vegan cheese

Avo, tomato.lettuce sandwiche with Veganaise on whole wheat bread

Wraps–meat and dairy free, with whole wheat tortillas, use your imagination for fillings

The idea is to get away from the cheeseburger and fries; bacon, lettuce and tomato on white bread, chicken, beef, pork, etc.

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