Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a unique process that can be leveraged for spiritual and personal growth. It’s fascinating in and of itself, too, as we’ll see in a moment. In this article you’ll read about what lucid dreaming is, how to do it, and how to make it into a growth practise.

 What Is Lucid Dreaming?

First of all, what is lucid dreaming? In brief, lucid dreaming is when you realise that you are dreaming while you are still dreaming. When this happens, you gain the ability to control your dream rather than cycle through a seemingly externally-prepared script. Your ability to remember the dream (dream recall) usually goes up too, which is convenient, because lucid dreams are worth remembering.

The glory of lucid dreaming is in the details. Within a lucid dream you have a huge, if not infinite, power to control what happens, rather like Neo after he gains his powers in the Matrix. You can conjure up almost any situation you can imagine, practise mind-over-matter skills, fly, have sex, have a conversation with your own subconscious, and so on. If it were a game, it’d be like playing in “cheat mode”.

 How To Lucid Dream

How to lucid dream? Lucid dreaming occasionally happens spontaneously, though it’s most fun when you can take the reigns of the process and get it to happen more often.

One of the first things you can do to start lucid dreaming, and one of the most simple, is to simply *decide* to. That is, take a moment to address your subconscious, or your inner being, or your deepest self, and simply say, “I experience lucid dreams more and more frequently from now on.” Try and feel the truth of those words.

Use any means you feel drawn to to make sure that your inner being fully receives the message. You could meditate on those words and try and go very deep within yourself so that they will be fully received. You could repeat them once every morning as part of your waking up ritual. Or you could use self hypnosis or get a friend to hypnotise you. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do all of these things; just pick something that works for you.

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This is not necessarily the most effective method, though. There are many different methods for creating lucid dreams. A full list is beyond the scope of this article, but for now, we’ll explain the most important one: the reality check.

 A reality check is when you ask yourself, “am I dreaming right now?” – and, for effectiveness, you make a test.

You need to make a test when you ask yourself that question because when you are dreaming, you never *feel like* you’re dreaming. Pink elephants could be jumping around on pogo sticks, but in a dream this will just feel normal.

One of the most popular tests – almost a cliché – is to pinch yourself. In a dream, you won’t feel any pain from it. You can also try moving things with your mind to see if you are able, or look closely at the scenery to see if it shifts around a lot.

To start getting lucid dreams, you’ll want to start doing reality checks as frequently as possible in your everyday life. Once you start doing that, inevitably you’ll eventually do a reality check within a dream.

Instead of testing reality, you can also do this simple powerful technique: look at your hand. Looking at your hand is hard to do in a dream and when you manage it, it will normally jar you into lucidity. In real life, it can also be a good meditation to cultivate wakefulness.

 Lucid Dreaming For Spiritual And Personal Growth

Lucid dreaming is an excellent tool for personal and spiritual growth.

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For one thing, it is, in a way, an experience of an alternate sort of reality; and, in the same way as perception altering drugs, it can be a gateway to questioning your experience and finding new insights into reality itself.

There are a lot of parallels between lucid dreaming, which can be thought of as “waking up” to the reality of your dream, and spiritual awakening. In real life, as with dreaming, you can often go through the motions automatically, doing everything in a reactive mode, and your presence as a conscious being in the whole pattern is almost irrelevant. On the other hand, you can “wake up” within either the dream or real life, and then a whole new dimension of options are open to you.

The unquestioned reality of the dream or life itself comes into question. Things are viewed in a more humorous light, as it’s understood that nothing really matters and there is no real danger out there. And the very understanding of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the reality you are living in – be it a dream or real life – gives you a greater control of what happens. In particular, understanding the nature of real-life reality lets you take advantage of such things as the Law of Attraction. A lucid dream can give you a taste of what it’s like to wake up to such an understanding of things.

 Lucid Dreaming For Personal Exploration

Lucid dreaming also provides an incredibly rich sand-box for your personal exploration.

If you are experiencing a dream which has a significance for your growth and become lucid in the middle of it, it’s actually possible to decipher the meaning of the dream while you’re still in it. Your ability to think clearly while still experiencing the dream clearly will give you an excellent perspective to do so. You can even ask the dream what it means: either conjure up an avatar which represents the dream and ask it questions, or directly address yourself to the different elements of the dream (including objects) and ask them to explain themselves.

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You can also conjure up situations that let you practise skills or work out how you feel about different things. For instance, if you’re thinking of going through a change in style you could conjure up a mirror and look at yourself while dressing in different items of clothing and seeing how it feels. Or you could put yourself into a situation where you felt helpless before in real life, and go through different permutations of that scene until you’ve worked out a response you feel good with.

Gig Harbor, WA ~ Foggy, cold morning in the harbor.Finally, a lucid dream can give you two important indicators as to your growth. First, the amount of light and space you have within your dream represents the amount of spiritual “light” you have in you at that moment, that is, your level of consciousness. This will, of course, vary from night to night, but looking at the general tendency of your dreams in this respect will give you an idea of your progress.

Second, your image in a mirror is your self-image. If you have self-love issues, they will be impossible to ignore here: you will look ugly, even distorted, no matter how you look in real life. If this is your case, take it as a sign to make a real effort to improve in this area, and check back in a lucid dream every few months to see your progress.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful and fascinating experience. Seeing as you’ll spend 1/3 of your life dreaming anyway, it just makes a lot of sense to take advantage of this time to enjoy yourself and work on your spiritual growth!

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