Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally

There are many natural ways of lowering cholesterol apart from regular intake of medicines. It is very easy to learn how to follow a few basic methods to target reduction of blood cholesterol. You don’t have to do much for this. You just need to bring in few diet regulations and certain changes in your lifestyle to improve your health and fitness.

First we need to know that cholesterol is produced in the body which is essential for cells to remain healthy, provide sufficient Vitamin D and also acts as insulation to nerves and helps secretion of hormones. High cholesterol results in atherosclerosis which is the term for plaque blocking the arteries. The blood vessel walls get clogged which further restricts blood circulation to the heart and this finally leads to a heart attack or stroke or other heart diseases.

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Disadvantages of Drugs

Regular intake of drugs over a period of time can create a lot of damage to the body organs thus resulting in side effects and difficult consequences. Medicines can create loss of memory, muscle pain, and also induce a lot of irritability and mood swings and even reduce the sensitivity of taste buds. There could also be constant diarrhea, insomnia and fever. Some strong medicines can also lead to dysfunction of the liver.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol Naturally

You have the option of lowering your bad cholesterol by adopting a natural regime of diet with low cholesterol and also regular exercise. You can start a routine of morning and evening exercise regularly everyday. Regular exercise ensures the elimination of toxic waste through sweat increasing blood circulation to the heart and brain. This also increases the HDL which is the good cholesterol and reduces the LDL, the bad cholesterol. There are many postures in yoga starting from the Sun Salutation to other stretching Asanas along with breathing exercises under Pranayama which aide in reducing blood cholesterol and also sweating out all the toxic waste from the blood.

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Increasing fibre in the diet would help a great deal. Increase intake of beans like Soya, and also Brussels, broccoli, spinach and sprouts. Make sure your diet contains a huge amount of vegetables and fruits. The fibre in wheat, sprouts and vegetables cleanses the toxic waste regularly and also keeps the body clean of unsaturated fat. Animal fat should be avoided. Reduce cheese and milk and also red meat. You can use extra virgin olive oil and fatty fish for your fat intake. To reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and also reduce the chances of heart disease you can depend on the omega 3 fish oil.

Avoid all kinds of processed foods. You must be careful not to depend on canned foods which have a high quantity of salt. Depending on fresh natural fruits and vegetables is very important. You can include garlic in your regular salad. Garlic is considered as a good blood cleanser. Guggul is also another herb for lowering cholesterol.

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There are other healthy supplements you can depend on, such as – B-Complex capsules and also fish oil capsules from Omega 3.

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