Low Cholesterol Diet

A low cholesterol diet is one which helps you lower the fat content in your blood and also a diet which contains less saturated fat and not much oil. Basically a low cholesterol diet is to prevent different heart diseases. A low cholesterol diet clearly puts restraint on oil, and fat and includes more fibre and protein. Regular intake of beans, oats and lentils is advised. The diet could vary for person to person, but there are some general rules associated with a low cholesterol diet. Basically, the diet should include a lot of soluble fibres and lots of fruits and vegetables.

A good low Cholesterol Diet

Although diet depends on the person who has been diagnosed, it is advisable that one visits a dietician and discusses it depending on the patient’s medical history, lifestyle and previous food habits. A low cholesterol diet alone can be enough to lower the cholesterol levels in blood. It is also important to notice how willing the patient will be to change the food habits and maintain restrictions on certain types of food which contain high amount of saturated fat. Animal meat and dairy products contain a high amount of saturated fat which must be watched out for.

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For some people the triglycerides are also very high for which monounsaturated fats should increased, which is found in olive oil.

Foods low in cholesterol

Lentils, beans, oats and even black gram are highly soluble fibres which help in lowering cholesterol levels in blood. It is also important to avoid foods that are high in salt. Avoid canned vegetables and fruits, but at the same time make it a point to involve your diet with rich amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Reduce food fried in oil completely. You can eat a lot of Brussels, spinach, broccoli and sprouts. Sprouts can be of different types and are one the best ways of reducing fat in the body. Sprouts may not be tasty, but you can be creative enough to add a little bit of black pepper and chopped cucumber and tomatoes. You can live on sprouts at least thrice a week and you will see a tremendous effect on fat reduction. Black gram and small green peas (moong) are one of the best options of sprouts.

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Your daily average intake of cholesterols should be less than 300 mg. In case suffering from heart disease, it should be not more than 200 mg. Butter and trans fat margarines should be avoided at all cost.

It is difficult to follow restrictions on the regular food that we usually find tasty and go for ordinary dishes which don’t concentrate on the taste factor instead more on nutrition. But you can be creative enough to cook them with spices like black pepper and black salt. Black salt is a very good substitute for iodised salt and doesn’t create any side effects. But the quantity of spices and salt should be minimal just to give the tongue a feeling of good taste. Above all, intake of meat and dairy products should be moderate or minimum.

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