How To Stay Healthy

People are becoming more and more aware of benefits in being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. This is quite evident by looking at the fierce pace with which new fitness centres emerging even in towns. Everyone wants to look warm and presentable. Being fit increases self-confidence and professionalism.

Unfortunately going to gym alone is not a perfect solution to stay healthy. It is a combination of nutrition, physical exercise, mental exercise, avoiding addictions and habits. This article envisages holistic approach towards leading a healthy lifestyle.


Many people have a wrong assumption that starving results in growing slimmer and attractive. But it is just the reverse. When we starve, our body fails to get enough nutrition and becomes tired and inefficient. Our skin also turns gloomy. Some people tend to eat a lot after a long starvation which is even more dangerous.

Including fruits and vegetables in our diet keeps us fresh and active whereas consuming fatty food leads to become dull and lazy. Colorful salads could be added to our regular diet, Color pigment, chlorophyll present in the plant cell is an essential nutrition for skin.

Another important note is that junk food must be avoided completely. Oil is needed for our body but many food items we get in fast food chains are cooked with reused oil. Such food could be carcinogenic. Moreover diet should in accordance with the exercise or gym programs.


Physical exercise is essential for a balanced health. Half an hour to one hour of rigorous exercise is essential for adults to balance their nutrition cycle. Exercises help to enhance the functioning of heart. It prevents heart diseases to a great extent. Jogging for about half an hour would sufficient enough to make one feel energetic throughout the day. It relaxes the muscle and improves posture. It increases the stamina needed for the rest of the day.

There are numerous benefits for exercising regularly. By reducing weight, people tend to become more confident about their looks. It helps one perform professionally better. It also increases sexual attraction and activity.

Exercises not only involves physical but also mental. According to a saying, sound body has a sound mind. But because of modern lifestyle stress has become a common disorder. Therefore, mental exercises are also necessary. Mental exercise such as meditation and some yoga practices such as Pranayama helps greatly in relaxation of mind.

Addition avoidance

Too much of anything is good for nothing. This old adage holds good for almost everything. Addiction leads to various health and lifestyle issues. Such addiction had got many millionaires to streets. It is dangerous in terms of health too. Smoking leads to lung cancer and obsessive drinking leads to liver damage and leads to higher blood pressure levels too. Craving also is sometimes classified as an addiction.

Finally, it is advisable that a person takes a holistic approach in terms of being fit and heathy. Such healthy lifestyle has proven to increase some years to our normal lives.

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