How to Stay Fit?

Staying healthy and fit in my opinion is not a herculean task. It just requires an extra bit of time and effort every day. The benefit achieved through such minimal effort is tremendous. Becoming fit and healthy exponentially increases self confidence and several other soft skills and helps you stay energetic all through the day. Sound body has proven to be sound mind. We must also be aware of the fact that health must be approached holistically. Food, physical and mental exercise are essential for this approach


There must be a discipline in terms food consumption. Junk food and emotional eating must be strictly avoided. Junk food such as chips and other deep fried food items are the first to be avoided. Thankfully, due to globalization and technology, we get varieties of healthy food and different styles of cooking. Smoking and baking has slowly replaced deep fried food items. But unfortunately, fast food chains that sell fried chicken and fries have still not lost its sheen.

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Consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain high content of water and fibre helps us to optimize calorie utilization. For example, fruits such as water melon, musk melon, cantaloupes are rich in water and fibre. A colourful salad from these fruits is quick and easy recipe for weight loss.

It is a common notion that starvation leads to weight loss. It is sometimes true but it is dangerous to our body’s natural metabolism.


Be it just a half an hour morning walk, exercise is a must. Exercise not only keeps a person physically healthy but also mentally sound. Stress is one of the major lifestyle disorder that is very common nowadays. Exercising makes your day fresh and energetic. It also boosts body language, confidence and energy. Cardio-vascular exercises helps to prolong life by enhancing activities of heart and lungs. Exercising has proven to be memory boosters too.

Exercise helps in weight control too. Weight control is an effective defence against many modern day diseases. Reduced weight means increased metabolism and stamina, improved looks and lifestyle.

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Stress relief

Nowadays high blood pressure is prevalent even among young adults. This is because of excessive pressure in the workplace.

Stress is a major cause for many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Professional career and education has become more and competitive and stressful. It is more or less, survival of the fittest when it comes to career. Stress leads to lack of sleep, forgetfulness. Sometimes, people tend to eat more when they stressful. Therefore stress is an indirect reason for unhealthy lifestyle. Meditation and yoga offers a holistic solution against stress.

Avoiding addictions

Addiction to smoke and alcohol is a great impetus to healthy living. Addiction to junk food or any food could also come under addiction. For example, smoking gradually reduces lung power leading to reduction in stamina and to respiratory problems; consuming alcohol increases blood pressure.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is a combination of all the factors discussed above. They will lead one to become healthy and fit.

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