How to start losing fat right now

If you’re looking to lose fat, you can start right now, immediately, with one simple, effective tactic anyone can do. Drink water.

Sound too easy, too simple? Do not be fooled. One of the biggest causes of overweight is what we drink today, including diet sodas and other diet drinks. Don’t fall for the diet drink myth, which is the subject for another article. Just know that you can start to lose fat right now by making pure, filtered water your main beverage.

Eliminate sodas, diet sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, ice teas, milk, cream, half and half, coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages, meal replacement beverages and all the rest.

Even your intake of real, pure fruit juices should be limited (and forget the fake kinds, like those “made with 10 percent real fruit juice”). Fruit juices are concentrated calories. They’re healthier than sodas and other junk beverages, but because they are concentrated calories, they should be consumed sparingly.

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Most of us drink all these beverages other than water without a second thought. And most of us are overweight and obese. Even if you feel like you don’t over drink such beverages, you have to remember that it is what we consume every day that matters over time. Just a couple of hundred extra calories in beverage form every day adds up to significant weight gain over six months or a year or more. And that is exactly how most of us put on weight, gradually, over time.

You can reverse all that, right now, this instant. Make your main beverage pure, filtered water. You don’t have to drink huge amounts of it, either, recent studies show. Drink water when you’re thirsty, a reasonable amount throughout the day.

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