How To Lower High Cholesterol

Many questions have been asked and are still being asked about which really is the easiest and fastest way to reduce high cholesterol in the body. However, it is important to know when we really are suffering from high cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Most people assume that only the obese and the old suffer from high cholesterol, yet it such myths that have been confusing. Our bodies are designed to function in a systematic way (like a computer), which means that a malfunction of one organ will cause a disruption of vital communication to other organs. The food we eat has generally been blamed to be the reason for high cholesterol in our body. But due to the tough living of today, we rarely have the time to check what we put in our mouths. Fast foods and snacks are usually very oily and should be taken in limited amounts.

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Certain unhealthy habits that increase cholesterol level in the body are smoking and taking high amounts of alcohol. Take the case of smoking: it is the leading cause of all heart diseases globally. Smoking causes high cholesterol levels around the heart; as a result, nicotine, an addictive substance in cigarettes erodes the walls of the arteries causing them to become narrow. Due to the build up of cholesterol in the arteries, it hampers bloods circulation to up to 30 minutes increasing the risk of high blood pressure and eventually, heart attack.

Alcohol should on the other hand be taken in moderation or otherwise may cause high cholesterol levels in the body. Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause a clog of cholesterol in the arteries, which may lead them to constrict. The result is reduced blood circulation just like in smoking cigarettes. Moderate alcohol intake in this case should therefore be limited to up to 2 drinks a day. A little alcohol a day has been found by researchers to lower the level of cholesterol in the body. It helps by detangling blood platelets to allow for free blood circulation.

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You need to therefore examine your lifestyle. Visiting a doctor is the first crucial step that will let u know how bad the cholesterol level in your body is. After running laboratory tests, the doctor can determine how best you can live your life from then on. He may suggest several ways of treatment including medication, dieting and exercises. You need to pick a combination that is comfortable with you.

Quit smoking and drinking before starting your treatment, if you want to enjoy the benefits in the end. Discuss with your doctor favorable exercises. For starters, walking a kilometer a day will help improve blood circulation in the body. Include in your diet healthy fresh vegetables that are high in fiber. Increase the intake of fresh fruits such as apples, mangoes and apples. Add fish and lean meat to your new diet because they have less fat. All in all, it is important to have balanced cholesterol for normal body functions.

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