How To Get What You Want through Visualization

Visualization is a powerful technique to get what you want in life. Many people come up with a list of desires and wants, and they often wonder why they do not get what they want. More often than not, they have been unclear in their thoughts, and they fail to use visualization as a tool to achieve what they want. Many successful athletes use visualization as a technique during their training and in the competition arena. It is a simple three-step process which everyone can use.

Step 1:  Decide What You Want

Having clarity in what you want is important. It allows you to make decisions on the things you really want. Some people want to be rich, but they have no idea what the new lifestyle entails. Before you embark on such ambitious projections, start with something simple, as we need to train our minds first. For example, you may want to be free of parking woes. What we need to do is to decide what it means to have problem-free parking. It could mean that you will always get a parking lot next to the lift lobby, or you will always get a parking lot in a busy shopping mall within three minutes. Once you have decided on what you want, you can move on to the next step.

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Step 2: Put Images In Your Head


Most of us think in terms of pictures. Visualizing an empty parking lot is a good step, but for this to really work, make the still image into a moving picture. Imagine yourself driving in your car, reaching the place you want to go. Think of how effortlessly you spot an empty lot, and then run through the image of how you reverse your car into the parking lot. If you know the place you are heading to is always very crowded, then think of a car coming out of the lot just when you enter the car park. By running a movie in your head, it helps to make the process real and believable.


Step 3: Attach Feelings

When we want something, we need to make sure we really know what we want. Some people want to be rich, but they are scornful of rich people, thinking that these people must have made their wealth through depriving others of their money. Such conflicting feelings are not helpful in your visualization. Continuing with our parking example, you should think of how happy you are to get a parking lot near the lobby.

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You are extremely happy because it would mean that you have more time on your hands. Less frustration is felt and instead, you feel relaxed. It is also easier for you to manage all the things you have in your hands, such as your groceries and a smiling baby in the pram since you do not have to walk a long distance. Once you are able to get a good parking lot of your choice most of the time, it means you have succeeded in your visualization technique. It is time to apply the technique to other matters.

In conclusion, the visualization technique is a simple process that takes a few practices to get it right. On some occasions, you may have interfering images that may threaten to derail you from achieving your goals. It is important to be able to spot them, and quickly replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Once you are able to use this tool constantly in various areas of your life, you will find that success comes more easily and you can get what you want.

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