How to exercise for fat loss

Do moderately high intensity aerobic exercise. Politely push yourself to exercise aerobically at a moderately high intensive rate for 20 to 60 minutes. Walking can’t be beat. If you have to work your way up to 20 minutes, do so gradually, respectfully asking your body to do a little more each session. This doesn’t mean push yourself to where you can’t catch your breath—those would be a 10 on the intensity scale. Shoot for an 8 on the intensity scale and maintain it for as long as you can; if you’re just starting out, back off and relax when you get winded. Your personal fitness level determines your personal intensity level. You should sweat if you’re doing it at the right intensity, and feel your breathing. You’re not just walking. You know when you’re pushing yourself—doing fairly intense exercise—and you also know when to ease off.

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Walking, jogging, aerobics, stair stepping, and Spinning. These are top choices for aerobic exercise. The aerobics include boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts workouts—if done in a continuous manner. Try to do one these primary exercises at least three to four times a week. If you can work your way up to jogging 20 miles or more a week, you’ll really see the pounds start to melt away.

Add variety to your program by doing alternate exercises; the best alternate activities are one of the top five choices above. Example: aerobic walking three days a week; Spinning, an aerobic stationary bike program, three days. Remember, aerobic exercise, which means continuous movement of the large muscles of the bod. Sports like tennis, racquetball, basketball don’t count—because of starting and stopping, they’re not continuous exercise.

Exercise daily. Daily is ideal. Next best is six days a week, and a minimum is five days a week. Why? Because we all have a 24-hour metabolism cycle. To burn fat more effectively 24 hours a day, we want to exercise—heat up—our bodies on a daily basis to permanently change our metabolism. Exercising less than 5 times a week won’t change our metabolism and really burn fat. We have to get good aerobic exercise daily, or a minimum of five days a week, to see dramatic, permanent fat loss.

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Exercise in the morning. When blocking out time to do your daily exercise, make it in the morning if at all possible. Why? Because when we exercise first thing in the morning, we’re charging up our metabolism right from the start of the day. This keeps it elevated throughout the day, so we’re burning extra calories even when we’re not exercising. If we wait until the afternoon or later to exercise, our metabolism tapers off sooner and we lose the benefit of burning extra calories.

Develop a fat burning metabolism by doing both aerobic exercise and strength training. Strength or resistance training can significantly increase our metabolic rates—the rate at which our bodies burn calories. When we gain muscle, which proper strength/resistance training promotes, our bodies require more energy to maintain the new muscle, so our bodies use more energy. Some experts recommend first building a good aerobic base, then adding strength training. Others recommend strength or resistance work right from the start, alternating days with aerobic work. It is fine to start with exercises like simple push-ups and pull-ups to start to build your strength base. Or resistance bands are excellent starters—the idea is to start working the muscles of your arms, shoulders, neck, chest and back.

These are excellent ways to lose fat by exercising. There are many more examples in The Maui Diet. The most important thing to understand is that exercise intensity really matters when it comes to losing fat. Casual walking and other casual exercise doesn’t work well for fat loss, no matter how long you do it for.

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