How to accelrate fat loss

The fastest way to accelerate fat loss is to start right now, immediately. Along with starting now, today, this instant, here are some other accelerators if you’re in a hurry to lose fat and get fit:

  • Cut out the evening meal. This is a powerful and healthy tactic. Try it, it really works.
  • Do two-a-day’s in your exercise program. These are a staple of athletic camps, pro and amateur. A normal pattern is to work out early in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening.
  • One day a week, eat only one nutritious meal, and one nutritious snack. A good choice for the meal is big, healthy salad topped with beans and rice, or on the side. Make sure the salad has lots of greens and vegetables—tomatoes, beets, arugula, cucumber, broccoli, bell pepper, carrots, zucchini are some of my favorites. A big salad like this is filling and healthy. And may be all you need for the day. If you get hungry, eat a filling, nutritious snack to carry you through.
  •  If you’ve done high octane walking for some time—say daily or at least five days a week for three, four, five weeks—then start jogging as you walk. Work toward power walking one lap, and alternating with jogging one lap. Or power walking for two minutes, jogging for two minutes.
  •  Start strength training, or resistance training, and add it to your daily aerobic exercise regimen. I do recommend setting a solid foundation of aerobic exercise before adding strength/resistance training, but you can sidestep that advice to accelerate your fat loss. Without question, strength/resistance work can significantly increase our metabolic rates—the rate at which our bodies burn calories. When we gain muscle, which proper strength training promotes, our bodies require more energy to maintain the new muscle, so our bodies use more energy.
  • I urge this strategy throughout The Maui Diet, but I realize most people ignore it, and that’s a mistake. It’s making water your main beverage. If you can do this, it will accelerate your fat loss. I know what many of you are thinking, but you already know my advice on diet drinks—just don’t drink them. Move away from sodas, diet sodas, sports drinks, so-called “energy drinks” and try to make them a once-a-week treat and eventually eliminate them altogether.
  • Do your own personal boot camp, or join one. If you’re doing it on your own, you probably know the drill: typically, a boot camp means you get up earlier than usual and get a double dose of high quality, high octane, fat-burning exercise, usually while the sun comes up.   Early is most often the choice, but it can be done later in the day, too. The details are up to you. I’ve never, ever heard of a fat recruit who’s gone through an 8-week or 12-week military boot camp of any kind who has failed to slim down. It’s fast and it’s fool proof.
  • Finally, weigh in daily. Keep a close watch on your weight, every day. Weigh in at the same time in the same manner daily. Adjust your exercise and eating as needed.
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