How I got my husband in shape with a 1000 cals diet

I have never been obsessed with counting calories or dieting when I was younger probably because I never had any weight issues. I was always quite satisfied with the way I looked and I guess that I have been blessed because I have to admit that I never really paid that much attention to what I ate and whether or not I was physically active. Even while I was pregnant, I didn’t gain that much weight and once I gave birth to my child, all the extra pounds were somehow gone and I didn’t even try. However, when I turned 50, all of that changed. I started gaining weight and the only thing that helped me prevent gaining weight was eating healthy and eating all the right foods.

Unfortunately, the story is completely different with my husband. He was in shape during the first 15 years of our marriage even though he didn’t think about his eating habits. I was the one that cooked and decided what we were going to eat. And he never complained. However, during the last five years or so, he gained so much weight that I started to worry about him. Of course, I don’t care about his appearance; I only care about his health and what all that extra weight can do to him.

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Of course, he wouldn’t have wanted to listen to me if I had started talking about dieting and exercising. He was a kind of man that took things seriously and thought that with age, some things change and that is simply the way it is and we shouldn’t do anything about it, especially about our weight and our appearance. I think that he never really thought about the dangerous of being overweight, but I didn’t really want to go down that road and make him feel pressured.

Instead, I decided to slowly change his eating habits and to eventually put him on a 1000 cals diet. And it wasn’t easy, I can tell you that. Preparing meals that were low in calories wasn’t easy at all, but I got some great ideas online and guess what, the only thing my husband noticed after a while was that his portions were smaller. But as always, he didn’t complain. We switched to low fat milk and cheese and I started using or eating a healthier version of every kind of food out there.

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Little by little, I realized that a 1000 cals diet was not difficult to keep up with, especially because I was creative and had many great ideas. Eventually, both my husband and I were consuming 1000 calories each during the course of one day. And surprise, surprise, we both started losing weight.

When my husband finally noticed that something was going on, he had already got used to having such healthy eating habits. And the only reason he noticed was because his pants didn’t fit anymore. I know that I’m lucky to have a husband that does not complain much, but I’m certain that he would have noticed something different if I had chosen any other kind of diet. A 1000 calorie diet allowed me to prepare delicious meals that my husband was more than willing to eat and because of this diet, I got him in shape. Everybody keeps telling him how great he looks.

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