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At the end of Khao San road, opposite the police station the first thing you’ll see to your right is one of the hottest nightclubs on Khao San, perhaps in Bangkok, Gullivers Travelers Tavern. Both Golf and I know that a trip to Bangkok is not complete without a visit to Khao San and a trip to Khao San is not complete without a trip to Gullivers. Gullivers is quite literally a Bangkok legend and anyone you meet whose been through Thailand backpacking will have a story or two about Gullivers.

Gullivers actually has two locations in Bangkok, one at 6 Sukhimvit Soi 5 and the original and legendary one at 2 Khao San Road. With two floors, pool and foosball tables, VDO games and free internet stations there lots to do, but the real fun is in the people.

The crowd at Gullivers is an eclectic mix of expats, backpackers and Thai’s all out for a good time. You’ll find that the Thai girls at Gullivers are generally there because they like farang (foreigners) so don’t be shy, go ahead and buy a drink for someone and get your game on.

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Of course, be careful because the drinks are strong. Last time we were there I started out with Long Island Iced Tea. Golf had never had them or even heard of them, but decided she wanted to try one. Just two drinks later I was nearly carrying her out to the sidewalk. Ever try to catch a cab while your gf or wife hangs (literally) on your arm throwing up in the gutter? Needless to say Golf avoids Long Island Iced Tea now.

Dress is casual so come as you are and you’ll fit right in. Drinks are expensive by Khao San Road standards, expect to pay 150 baht for a large Singha and up to 180 baht for imports. Seeing how strong they are the mixed drinks are your best value for the money at 250 baht. But hey, go ahead and splurge, you can go cheap at other places.

Gullivers is a great place to hang out, just watch people or hook up. If hooking up is your intention be careful though because not all the girls are girls, you will find ladyboys in the crowd. That being the case it may be good to have a designated sober person as well to keep the drunks in line. Trust me, more than one guy has woken up in the morning after a drunk in Bangkok to one heck of a surprise. Don’t be that guy.

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This is all specific to Gullivers Khao San. I understand that the Gullivers on Sukhumvit is even larger, but I’ve never been there. Maybe next trip.

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