Guided meditation listen online

“Get Thee a Teacher”

When it comes to taking advantage of guided meditation online, that is some pretty solid advice from some pretty reputable sources. It is written in both the Hebrew and Christian holy books and it is echoed in religious sources of many faiths. And when it comes to meditating, sometimes we really do need some direct instructional guidance in how to do it right.

It isn’t always easy to use a brochure or internet web site that tells us how to meditate. There are distractions both outside our bodies and within. Sometimes we have trouble maintaining the concentration for as long as the instructional material we have tells us we should. But yet, not all of us have the time or money to run out and take a course in meditation or sit in weekly sessions at our local church or religious institution. Is it fair that we cannot enjoy the many benefits of meditation just because of these obstacles? Of course not.

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It may seem that getting guided meditation online through the internet is a strange way to conquer the discipline of meditation. But the internet had given us so many new ways of doing things, why couldn’t it provide a guided online meditation system that can give us the direct instructional help without the huge expense and interruption to our schedules?

So How Do I Take Advantage of Internet Meditation Instruction?

The first adjustment we have to make when using guided meditation online is that it will necessitate some changes to our meditation technique to be successful. But that’s OK because most of the sites that offer online guided meditation do so in a way that is unobtrusive and does not hinter the tranquility and contemplative atmosphere you need to be successful in your meditating.

When you are about to begin your session of guided online meditation, take a few moments and make the room a quiet and tranquil environment. Dim the lights, use some incense or candles, and secure the room to assure you will not be disturbed. You do not need to start music, your guided meditation online web site will provide all you need and direct you through the meditating process.

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So What Next?

The instructional techniques used by your guided online meditation will smoothly and easily take you into your relaxation, contemplation and meditating regimen. As you focus on the pictures and music that are provided, the scripts will guide you through the meditating process in the following simple steps…

  • You will be gently instructed by the guided online meditation site to put yourself in a posture of serene contemplation by sitting upright, feet on the floor and your hands folded in your lap. You will begin with some deep cleansing breaths to quiet your breathing and put yourself in the proper mental state for meditating.
  • Next, the script will direct you to relax each muscle group focusing your thoughts on your feet, legs, stomach muscles and face maintaining a slow cleansing breathing pattern.
  • The guided meditation online will direct you to roll your shoulders loosening any latent tension and breathing to release all that pent up anxiety that lives in your muscles.
  • The instructional script will repeat this process with your head and neck so you are slowly releasing the tension from each spot it is stored in your muscular system.
  • Depending on what kind of internet guided meditation online you are using, you may be directed into a mantra or some other meditating exercise to continue to focus your thoughts and your concentration.
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You can see that guided meditation online is an excellent tool for pushing the interruptions of the world away and getting some direct instructional help for making progress in your meditation program. Instructional internet meditation can overcome the sense of isolation and lonesomeness that salutatory programs sometimes bring and help you get a feeling of accomplishment and progress in this very important part of your private life.

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