Good morning meditation script

It’s another great day—I make it that way.


I start off every day by listening to and absorbing these words, they’re great reminders and a positive influence on my entire day.


Right now, I give thanks for another great day and appreciate all my blessings.


Now is a good time to let go of any negative or limiting beliefs about me or my world—I let them go now.


I let go of any anxiety too—I choose to be relaxed, calm and in control the whole day.


I live in the most spectacular time and place in history.


My cup is overflowing with an abundance of good things.


Hearing these words puts me in control of my day, and me, and that makes me feels good, makes me empowered.


I like starting my day with these words, they’re good reminders and start my day off right.


I am in the habit of exercising and will get exercise this morning or some time during the day, if only five minutes.


I will start off the day with a healthy, non-rushed, nourishing breakfast; if I need more time to enjoy it at an even pace, I get up earlier.


Instead of the morning newspaper, TV, radio or other negative news. I choose to listen to good, uplifting music, or words like these, or do exercise—anything but absorb negative media.


Today, like every day, I will make sure I have healthy, nourishing snacks with me wherever I go.


By bringing healthy snacks along, I avoid the trap of, “I’ll pick something up along the way,” because I know it’s almost all junk food available.


My main beverage is pure, filtered water; I take it with me or make sure it is available, in my car, at work, wherever I’m going.


I eat right—fresh, whole, healthy, nourishing food—only when I am hungry.



I take time to enjoy my meals and snacks and eat healthily.



I enjoy a delicious healthy, nourishing, non-rushed lunch.


If I happen to be upset near eating time, I make sure I take some time to let the upset pass before I eat.


I know that how I eat is just as important as what I eat; therefore, I eat in pleasant surroundings, in a relaxed mood—I enjoy my food.


I always eat at an even pace and take my time, knowing it takes 20 minutes to feel full.


I enjoy each bite of my fresh, delicious, natural, nourishing food and appreciate my food fully.


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I know not to miss meals or starve myself trying to lose weight.


I am a master at taking relaxation breaks throughout the day; it’s a big part of taking really good care of myself—I remind myself to.


I take breaks and stretch, breathe deeply, relax, regularly and often.


I make really sure of this if I’m at a computer screen a lot.


I eat a healthy amount of food at meals—I never deprive myself.


I remember to relax, breathe deeply, move and act with grace and good posture, whatever I am doing.


I am in control of my world and how I react to whatever comes up.


I choose to be in control, react calmly, and relax in all situations.


Because I am prepared, I easily ignore vending machines or any other source of junk food—convenience stores, fast food places, wherever.


I’m in the habit of just switching off all the sources of non-stop ads and other garbage—the TV, radio in the car, all of them.


I know stress is part of life and I know how to handle it healthily, not by mindless eating, eating junk food or overeating.


Today, like every day, I will make sure I am not eating to relieve stress, frustration, upset, anger or anything else, just when I am hungry.


I feel fantastic losing weight and creating a leaner, healthier, happier body.



I remember to go for pure, filtered water if I think soda or diet soda or sports drink.


I visualize myself at my healthiest weight and I love the way I look, how my clothes fit and all these feelings.


I’m easily leaving bad eating habits and food choices behind me, today, every day, one day at a time, and it gets easier and easier.


I am a master at controlling my states and I recognize when I am truly hungry and eat only then.


I strictly obey my own “feed limit,” the amount of food I know is right for me. Eating at a relaxed pace is the key to this, so I always eat slowly.


I love being in control of my eating and exercise habits, it makes me feel great.


I’m disciplined in achieving my healthy weight loss.


I feel better and better as a healthy, lean lover of fresh, whole, delicious, natural, healthy foods.


I live by the words, Nothing tastes nearly as good as the feeling I get from being lean, fit and healthy, nothing.


I love enjoying great health, staying lean and fit.


I believe in myself completely and always reach my goals, no matter how long it takes.


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How I look and feel is important to me, and I like looking good, lean, youthful and healthy, and feeling that way.


I handle setbacks well and I know that challenges, plateaus and low moods all pass in time.


I love and accept myself unconditionally, right now, just the way I am, and who I am becoming.


I powerfully control my eating habits and portion control, losing fat, building leanness and creating a great physical me.


I love being lean, vibrant, moving effortlessly with an efficient physical body.


I consciously choose positive thinking and imagine positive outcomes—it’s how I choose to do my life.



I am powerful and I treat myself impeccably, eating and drinking only the finest natural foods and beverages.


I remember and follow my list of healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety and always choose to do them instead of eating.


I skillfully use my mind and imagination to create a lean, fat-free me and it feels great.


I powerfully stay on my program of healthy leanness, focusing on my healthy daily habits.


I love the feeling of being leaner around my midsection and other areas.


I’m in the habit of really enjoying a reasonable amount of healthy food and don’t go for second helpings.


I happily exercise to relieve stress at the end of the day and other times, if only for five or ten minutes.


I enjoy healthy sweets such as fresh fruit for desserts and snacks, not junk foods.


I take time every day to deeply relax and go within and really treasure that time.


I’m tough and resilient by regularly listening to these affirmations.


I have a positive expectancy of reaching all my weight goals and take all setbacks as temporary.


I live and eat healthfully one day at a time, focused on where I am going, who I am becoming.


I’m creating a new physical me, leaner, strong, supple, balanced, loaded with energy, and it feels great.


I feed my body nourishing, natural foods and my mind nourishing mental material.


I consciously keep my thoughts consistent with what I want to be—I think lean, healthy, happy.


I plan for and give myself healthy rewards, gifts when I reach my goals, even small ones.


I practice deep breathing and keep myself relaxed and centered in all situations.


I practice uplifting, constructive, positive self-talk at all times.


I control my destiny, I decide my fate, I am in control.


My thoughts originate with me and I control and direct them to always serve me.


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I make sure that what is always in my consciousness are the words, As I think, so I will be.


I choose to radiate unreasonable happiness, just because I’m alive and well, strong and centered, getting better every day.


I joyously maintain my leanest weight, peak fitness and health.


I am always in control of my healthy eating habits, no matter what.


One of my many rules of success and happiness is that I choose to awaken every morning feeling happy, healthy and blessed.


I regularly practice deeply relaxing, then visualizing my goals and desired attributes in that relaxed state.


I know with God, all things are possible.


  • positively avoid and guard against self-doubtful, self-defeating thoughts. I overcome my weaknesses by leaving them behind, a day at a time.


I turn every obstacle into an opportunity.


I develop and maintain an attitude of gratitude, thankful for all I’ve been given. I consciously choose positive thinking and imagine positive, successful outcomes.


I like and respect myself, knowing I’m a worthwhile, capable, valuable person, and always improving.


I refuse to accept any negatives about myself in any case, especially when I make a mistake or fall short in something.


My main meals are a healthy breakfast and lunch; if I snack, it is natural fruit or other healthy foods; my dinners are healthy, smaller meals, at least three hours before I go to bed.


I make sure I have natural, healthy snacks on hand wherever I go.


My main beverage is pure, filtered water.


I live and love life as a fit, successful master of my physical body.


Above all else, I totally and unconditionally love and accept myself just the way I am.


I always remind myself to breathe deeply, relax and move with grace—I’ll remember this throughout today.


I love living with the highest, best self-image of myself.


I am my own fitness and nutrition coach, and I always live up to my best expectations of myself.


I like starting my day like this, it serves me well.


I’m excited about the opportunity to make it another great day, and look forward to today.


These words will guide me and serve as good reminders throughout my day.


These words will guide me and serve as good reminders throughout my day.


These words will guide me and serve as good reminders throughout my day.



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