Glucophage for Weight Loss

Other than a simple guess that glucophage is related to glucose, most people have no idea about it as a drug neither its uses. Glucophage is well known among patients with diabetes. The drug is prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes to control the amount of sugar produced in the body. The drug helps the body to limit the amount of sugar produced and hence a reduction in the glucose level. This stimulant invokes the production of insulin to levels above the average production rate. In a twist of events, glucophage is not only limited to diabetes patients. Studies show that non-diabetics can also use the drug to incite weight loss. Therefore, its popularity has gradually increased in both overweight individuals and diabetic patients.

Glucophage for Weight Loss is not hazardous; it is rated as one of the safest means of controlling monstrous appetites. It works by reducing glucose production. Insulin serves to promote the assimilation of sugar from the blood into the body. By facilitating the effectiveness of insulin, the little glucose that is available will be absorbed and more sourced from carbohydrates and fats stored in the body. This will directly affect decrease in weight. It also controls the rate of food intakes by lowering the host’s appetite.

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However, it is not a smooth procedure. Whether you are using glucophage for Weight Loss or diabetes treatment, the side effects are innumerable. First of all, the drug may not be compatible with your genetics; for that reason, it may require extra dosage levels of Glucophage. There are also small shortcomings that arise from use of these drugs. The side effects are manifested either as stomach aches or a characteristic bitter taste on the mouth. There is also nausea which eventually ends up in vomiting. But this is a small price to pay for that treasured body you desire. The advantage is that you do not have to spend too much money. An hour’s visit to a physician will help you get the right prescription and rate at which you should administer the drug. It is advisable to take the drug as a pill rather than as injection or the likes. Not all the drugs from over the counter are applicable in weight loss programs. Consulting a medic is recommendable before implementing a weight loss drug.

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As is the case with weight control measures, there is no guarantee that on a certain date you should have lost 10 or so pounds. It is possible to lose one kilo in a week just as it is possible to lose the same amount in a month. It is all a matter of your body health and its metabolism rate. Women and men experience different rates of weight loss. One of the significant drawbacks of this method is that it takes time to see results; so, patience is the essence of a successful administration of glucophage for Weight Loss which will show results at its time. Should the side effects become overpowering, then an alternative method should be used.

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