Female Libido Enhancement

For many years the focus of sexual enhancement has been on men and how they can better enhance their erections and improve their sexual health. As a result, products to help women with this have been few and far between. The good news these days is that companies have realized the need for products such as these and there is now a wide range of female libido enhancement products available.

Reasons for a low libido

The reasons for low female libido can become more complex than the reasons identified for men. The main factor in this case has to do with hormones. During the reproductive years, the sex hormones in the blood are regulated. When a woman reaches menopause the amount of oestrogen drops and the hormone balances trip up. This results in a low libido and a decline in sexual function. Aside from the physical factors, menopause is often also accompanied by anxiety, depression, fatigue and impaired concentration. These factors can also lead to a low libido.


Female libido enhancement products vary in different ways, including the ingredients they contain and the way they work. Some are geared towards relieving the symptoms of sexual impairment and others aim to treat the cause. The key to treating women in this regard is to combine therapy. More often than not the problem isn’t just emotional or just physical. By combining a few types of therapy all the issues can be addressed.

Physical treatment

A large number of enhancement products for women are intended to help improve the physical aspect of sex. It works by increasing the amount of blood flowing to the female sex organs. This allows a woman to become more aroused and feel a greater amount of pleasure. There are also certain herbs and pills available that will help to increase the actual desire for sex, and hence increase the libido. The problem with this type of product is that it assumes that physical factors are the only issues impairing sexual function.
Hormonal treatment

Since a big part of dysfunction can often stem form an imbalance in hormones, companies have manufactured products to help in this regard. Testosterone plays a big part in sexual desire. This explains why men have higher sex drives than women, and why they both decrease as men and women age. These testosterone-containing products can come in pills, creams, powders and lotions. They all do the same thing and help to increase libido.

Psychological help

More often than not a psychological factor will be the reason for a woman not having any desire to have sex. There are some herbs that will help to improve concentration and relieve the symptoms of depression. The best way to deal with factors like these is to treat the cause. Women should be encouraged to talk about their problems instead of keeping them bottled inside. This just further perpetuates a low libido. Helping her with daily tasks that tire her out can also leave lots of time and space to be more intimate.

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