Fasting to lose weight

During the last couple of years, due to influences from several celebrities and other high profile figures, detoxification diets have almost become a trend. For some, it is pure juice fasting, others just eat a specific fruit rich in vitamins and there are those who take it all the way and just stick to water. All of those, have the exact same denominator – very little or no food. In this blog we are going to take a closer look into this up and coming fashion.

Detoxification is basically the process through which you release toxins off your body, thus detoxifying it or better yet, “cleaning” it in a way. Fasting weight loss is based on that very idea. You only consume foods that are high in fiber and a lot of liquids in order to aid your body in releasing all the unneeded and unhealthy toxins. This is why we hear all those celebrities promoting how they lost weight through fasting or how much healthier they look and feel after going through the process. Then again, we can’t just follow every word coming out of their mouths, can we? There are a few things we need to consider before taking ourselves through the fasting process.

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Fasting To Lose Weight

First of all, we need to evaluate if such a diet would be effective for ourselves as individuals. Then we need to question the validity of all the amazing stories we hear on TV, and last but not least, we certainly have to consider the safety of such an intense diet plan, or better put, “no food” plan. These questions are very complex and as you will read throughout this blog there have been many ongoing debates on whether fasting weight loss is really what it’s made out to be by the media.

There are some that claim that fasting weight loss can lead to dehydration or that through fasting you will harm your digestive system. Others that believe that fasting only leads to weight loss due to the fact that you release water out of your body, and finally many that support the idea that fasting weight loss is only temporary and it will not help you maintain your new weight due to harming your metabolism.

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