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One of the things I struggled with at the start as a trainer was tracking my clients results. I was using handouts for workouts, handouts for body composition measurements but I found that these would get lost over time. I also found it hard if an old client came back after a few months away. I would literally have no idea what they did when we worked together. Thankfully that’s all changed now, god bless technology. The below items are what I use to make my job easier. It’s by no means perfect and i’m still looking at ways to refine it but it’s working pretty well.


Google Calendar

This has made my life so much easier. I schedule everything I need in this. I also use it for reminders. When coaching a lot of times a client will mention something during a session. I will always make a note of it during the workout and put it in the calendar afterwards. otherwise it gets forgotten about.


Google sheets

My buddies ate Urban Athletic introduced me to this way of tracking workouts. It works great for online clients too as when the client updates a workout you can see it too. This can be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet and easily printed too. What’s great is it updates for everyone it has been shared with instantly. It makes tracking so much easier. It also works well when and old client comes back in. I can have there program in front of me in 30 seconds and see where we left off.

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For exercise tutorials and any other videos you may want to share with clients for warmups, cool downs and meal prep guidelines, youtube is the easiest way to go here.

Facebook groups

I use this for 1-1 and small group clients. I also use it for my focused flexibility classes where I share their “homework” each week as a video in the group. The group is great because if anyone has a question you can answer it for the whole group. Chances are some else has the same question but didn’t feel comfortable asking.


Nutritional tracking has always been a challenge when coaching clients. It’s when they are out of the gym is when your coaching abilities are really tested. One thing we need to understand is most people don’t think like trainers. Once they leave the gym, chances are they don’t think about you until they meet you at your next session. Keeping nutritional habits front of mind require a lot of contact outside the gym. I used to email but found it hard to consistently check in with everyone.

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I started using habit catalyst a few months back and love it. My clients like the daily check ins and nutritional lessons and I can adjust and create my own habits and lessons too.

It also gives me a compliance score out of 100% for each fortnightly habit. It will email me if a client needs more assistance with a certain habit and I can message them to check in.


I use for this. Measurements are essential for any client looking to gain body comp goals. So many times a client will love no scale weight but with body fat, girth measurements along with photos we can clearly see the % bodyfat lost. This



This makes life so much easier. Once you get to a certain number of clients it becomes impossible to track payments if you are doing back transfer and cash. Moving clients to direct debit payments was the best thing I’ve done from a business point . of view. It makes tracking everything so much easier. You don’t want to be in a situation where you cannot remember if a clinet has paid you or not.

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Email contact

Aweber is a great tool for sending out automated emails. This works well for new clients. You can set up an email that gives them all the ins and outs of your coaching methods, nutritional resources and any videos that may be beneficial to them. Instead of rewriting a new email each time you can pop them on the “new client” list.

Whilst there are still a lot of areas that can be more stream lined I have found all of the above very beneficial for tracking and recording clients information and also keeping me more organised.

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