Eat fat loss foods

Eating right is the most effective way to lose weight healthfully and permanently, done in combination with daily aerobic exercise, and strength work three times a week.

But understand, you can faithfully exercise every day and never lose weight if you eat a diet high in fat, refined sugar, refined flours/grains and protein. Meat, including chicken and fish, all contain fat; same for animal products like dairy and eggs.

Cut such foods out of your diet, either all at once or gradually. Move toward a plant-based diet of whole, fresh, natural foods. The food groups to emphasize: 1. Fresh vegetables and fruits. 2. Whole grains. 3. Beans, legumes. 4. Nuts and seeds.

Raw nuts are best. Most nuts are extremely high in fat, so eat them sparingly. No more than a handful a day.

Vegetable oils—olive, canola, sesame, safflower and the rest—are 100 percent fat. Use very sparingly.

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Whole, fresh, natural foods, foods as grown, are naturally filling. They contain fiber, vital to health. Almost all are low in fat, almost all contain no saturated fat, and none contain cholesterol. They are key to losing fat and getting fit, along with daily aerobic exercise and regular strength work.

Remember, the most overlooked part of our diets are beverages. Make pure, filtered water your main beverage. Real, pure fruit juices only in moderation, as they are concentrated sugar calories. Entirely cut out sodas, diet sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, meal replacement beverages and all the rest. Drink pure, filtered water.

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