Drinking coffee in Thailand

I am definitely a coffee addict. Morning, noon or night it doesn’t matter I love it. And Thailand I found has some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! There are little street vendors making coffee everywhere you go in Bangkok. There are also small shops scattered about that make the wonderful sweet and delicious Thai version of iced coffee.

Forget Starbucks. It just doesn’t compare at all. I’ll walk blocks out of my way in the 100 degree heat and humidity to get to a Black Canyon Coffee shop. They are hands down my #1 choice for coffee, especially iced coffee.

I usually go with their regular Black Canyon Iced Coffee which they describe like this:
“Milk mixed with the old “Black Devil” poured into glasses over crushed ice… sweet and refreshing. This is a two-straw drink, something to be shared with your sweet heart or with your favorite group of yuppies. The most popular and best iced coffee you’ll ever taste. Try it and taste it.”

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OK, I agree with them that this IS the best iced coffee you’ll ever taste. They do serve it with two straws, but I’m not sharing it with anyone, except Golf. And good luck for me, because she doesn’t really like coffee!

A Black Canyon Iced Coffee will cost you just 80 baht which is a bit more than $2.00, expensive by Thai standards, but not bad at all if you’re used to Western prices. You can get cheaper iced coffee for sure, but you won’t get better.

Black Canyon coffee shops can be found all over Thailand from Pattaya to Chiang Mai and everywhere in between. They also have locations in Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, India, U.A.E., Cambodia and Malaysia.

Have you had Black Canyon coffee? Tell me what you think.

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