DJing, Writing and Public Accountability

I came to a realization recently about some of the similarities between DJing and writing.

I DJed for about 3 years up until I left Ireland in May 2013. I have been a big fan of clubbing and have enjoyed electronic music since I was 18.

In my home town, I was fortunate to be in a position to jointly run a club night with 3 of my friends. We called it “Distraction”. We had some epic nights and disasters but overall it was a great experience and we learned a lot from the whole process.


Both DJing and writing are creative processes where you are exposing people to new ideas, sounds and emotions.

When I write or blog; I share my own insights on how to live a healthier and happier life, with the hope that the reader will benefit from the information.

When DJing the goal is to expose the listener to new sounds and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

In both situations I am responsible for what the audience sees and hears. This puts pressure to deliver something new and good each time.

When I was DJing I would spend at least an hour a day searching for tracks and listening to other DJ sets to find what’s new and also pick up new techniques and styles.

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The fact that I knew I would be playing in front of people motivated me to put in this “research time”.

I would also have to practice the actual DJing part. Beatmatching and ensuring the songs mix harmoniously takes time to practice. In the time leading up to a gig, this would dominate my life and I would spend a few hours every night practicing mixing different tracks until I found the right combination.

Now with blogging I find I am much more motivated to read books and articles similar to my niche. In order to create weekly content I need fresh ideas that I can “mix” and create a content rich article.

Both processes involve taking other peoples ideas and turning it into my own “sound” or “voice”.

 What does all of this have to do with you and your goals?

Public accountability.

Knowing that I will have to share with you motivates me.


Because of the fear of looking bad, incompetent or stupid. This motivated me to consistently practice both skills.

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I loved DJing from the get go and never had a problem practicing but there were times I just didn’t feeling bothered.

When I knew I had a gig coming up I always felt energized. Writing on the other hand is something that I have had to work at to create the habit.

Initially I didn’t enjoy: so if I wasn’t publicly posting my work I would not have been able to consistently write.

Although I still find it difficult to consistently write content it’s getting easier. Knowing that I need to post a blog each week keeps me motivated.

There certainly have been times where I’ve not felt like writing, but my motivation would reignite with the self-reminder of sharing publicly through this blog.

So how does this apply to you?

What are you trying to improve or achieve?

Is it to lose some weight, gain some muscle, improve flexibility or de-stress?

Whatever it is, publicly announce it via whatever social media outlet you use. If you don’t feel comfortable posting on social media find a related forum and post it there for support.

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I did this with language learning. I posted a picture of a Thai book and said that I had started learning Thai.

When I speak with friends they ask “so how is your language learning going?”. Knowing this keeps me on track and most importantly it keeps me consistent.


  1. It’s only when you publicly commit to something that you can become accountable.
  2. Telling yourself in your head is much easier to get away with without finishing it.
  3. Decide what you want to change – Lose fat, Learn a language, Build muscle, Do a marathon.
  4. Make your goal public – via social media, on a forum or start a blog.
  5. Set a deadline – whether it’s weekly progress or a finish date that that you plan to achieve your goal.
  6. Stick to it – people want to build you up not cut you down, use this to your advantage.

Let me know what you are currently struggling with in the comments below.

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