Detox Recipes to Try at Home

Contrary to popular belief, detoxifying your body does not have to be boring at all. You don’t have to simply subsist on cabbage soup or eat pomegranate throughout the whole duration of your diet since you can prepare simple yet delicious meals right at home:

Fresh Green Salad Whip up a delicious green salad using organic or locally grown produce of your choice. Skip the pre-manufactured dressing and make your own. A mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey adds a sweet zing to your salad. Fresh green salad is something you can eat anytime – as lunch, dinner or as a snack.

Detox Drink The lemon-maple-cayenne mixture is the most popular detox drink to date, but you can make your own delicious smoothies and juices. Any fresh fruit juice can be detoxifying, as long as it is fresh and does not contain any preservatives or additives such as sugar. You can also make smoothies by combining fruits or even steamed vegetables of your choice.

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Carrot Cake Cake might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to detox recipes, however, you can still enjoy the goodness of carrot cake even when on a detoxifying diet. You can use unrefined wheat flour and add in apples, brown sugar or healthy alternatives such as stevia, agave or honey.

Brown Rice Recipes Brown rice is a great food choice for your detox diet. Pair a cup of brown rice with a cup of steamed vegetables or stir fried vegetables. You can also prepare your own rice mix by stir frying cooked rice with vegetable slices. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Rules To Detox Dieting You can actually prepare any meal as detox recipe as long as you follow certain tips or rules:

Eat fresh and raw food as much as possible

Buy organic and locally grown produce

Avoid junk and preserved food

Avoid coffee, soda and alcohol

Steam and boil food and avoid frying as much as possible

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Use healthy oils when frying

Detox dieting takes some time to work, so you might want to start with a week long detox diet. When following a detox diet, make sure that you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and do not skip meals. In fact, you can even snack as much as you like, as long as you make healthy food choices that adhere to the rules of the detox diet.

Along with your detox diet recipe, you can take in herbal tea or laxatives to help cleanse the colon. Aside from that, you should also exercise in order to improve the effectiveness of your cleansing diet.

With the right recipes, you can certainly enjoy a detoxification diet that’s cleansing and detoxifying in nature, without having to sacrifice the taste of your food at all.

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