Creating Healthy Recipes Understand the Importance of Organic food

1. Organic foods are free from fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Even if you wash your food you will not be able to remove these harmful fertilizers and chemicals which will then affect your nervous system and can cause cancer.

2. By eating organic food you are able to avoid those foods that have been irradiated. The irradiation process is touted by the government bodies to be helpful in preventing spoilage, reducing the harmful bacteria and increasing the shelf life of the foods but it reduces the nutritional value of the food.

3. The organic foods have many benefits on the health of the people because these are manufactured or prepared generally differently from the traditional foods. Whenever you eat the organic food, you cleanse and rid yourself from all the harmful chemicals and toxins in your body. By having organic food your body gets a nice break. Organic foods are very beneficial for the people who are in medications and especially for pregnant women.

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4. The organic food does not have any synthetic additives, that is, it does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial food colours, artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate, sulphites and nitrates. The organic foods are sweetened and preserved naturally by using natural substances like grape juice and honey.

5. There are higher levels of nutrients in the organic food. It has higher amount of iron, salicylic acid, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin C.

6. In the production of organic livestock, the growth hormones or antibiotics are not used. In organic farming, the cattle are allowed to grow and develop at their own pace without the use of synthetic injection.

7. The organic foods are free from genetically engineered ingredients. The organic farmers do not use genetically engineered seeds or irradiation methods.

8. Organic food helps your body to lose weight. The human body tends to gain weight with non-organic food but the organic food gets easily digested as there is no chemicals in it so it helps to lose weight.

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9. Creating your Normal Healthy Recipes with organic produce is going to have you and your family smacking there lips in satisfaction as the taste you will get will be completely different to that of Non organic – packaged food. To say it will be better is an understatement.

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