Circadian rhythm and meditation

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Wouldn’t it be great if this strange thing called auto circadian meditation really could reduce the amount of sleep we need? Do you ever feel like your life is slipping away while you sleep? When you think about it, we sleep at least half of our lives and that is time we cannot get back. If only somehow we could find a way to cut down on the amount of sleep we get and still be just as rested, that would truly be a miracle.

But the truth is that auto circadian meditation isn’t some kind of exotic bizarre treatment or strange primitive ritual. It is something that is natural and works in conjunction with our natural body clock and biorhythms to give us tremendous powers of control over our energies and how our bodies work. While the phenomenal impact of auto circadian meditation can have on our sleep is well known, the truth is meditating using biological rhythms can have positive effects on our health and well being in dozens of ways.

I Don’t Know, It All Seems Pretty Mysterious.

Well, to be sure, we need to take some of the mystery out of auto circadian meditation so we all can understand just what it is and how we can all benefit from it. Let’s start with that word “circadian”. It actually comes from two Latin words for “around” and “day”. So circadian means “around the day” which is a reference to the natural body clock that we all have.

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You probably don’t think much about the biorhythm of your system but we depend on it heavily to stay happy, healthy and normal every day. Your body clock tells you when its time to sleep, to eat, wake up and many of the other routine activities your body does to keep itself working correctly. So a “circadian rhythm” simply refers to the twenty-four hour cycle your body works its way through each day or “around the clock.”

Should We Be Monkeeing Around With Our Biorhythms?

Once we get an understanding of what auto circadian meditation actually is, it has the potential to change our lives tremendously. But your body is not a toy. We are looking into auto circadian meditation the same way we investigated other forms of meditation, for our mental good and for the good it can bring to our health and our quality of life.

If daily meditating can take advantage of our biological rhythms, there is no question that it can be a breakthrough for us. Some of the benefits that have been documented by disciples of auto circadian meditation are truly astounding including…

  • Auto circadian meditation has been proven effective in helping people loose weight.
  • Auto circadian meditation has broken the power of smoking in those who use it faithfully.
  • Our biological rhythms can be tapped to overcome fears and deep-seated phobias such as fear of heights, spiders and enclosed spaces.
  • Students report the power of daily auto circadian meditation to improve memory
  • Auto circadian meditation can drastically reduce your need for sleep giving you sleeps benefits during your auto circadian meditation session without the need of as much time lying “unconscious”.
  • Meditating using auto circadian meditation techniques can even help relieve writers block, unspring creativity and make us more confident and fun to be with.
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Well, How Do I Get Started?

It could be that before you read this article, you may have never even heard of auto circadian meditation. So obviously, getting informed is the next big step. You may be familiar with some of the principles of auto circadian meditation already because they are used in other disciplines. For example,

  • Sleep researchers use the natural biological rhythms of the body to help their patients get better rest.
  • Hypnosis is a common cure for smoking and other ills. Hypnosis actually taps the power of the body clock to use the mind and body together for the good of the subject.
  • Pediatricians and psychologists alike use biofeedback to help their patients learn to control their impulses.
  • Even experts in the field of romance espouse the power of biofeedback to learn more about that special someone we are getting to know.

You may already have a habit of using daily meditation to improve your state of mind and health. As you begin to learn more about how your body clock works, you can begin to integrate that into your meditating. Our job here was to introduce the concept of auto circadian meditation so we can begin to investigate how it can have an impact on our daily lives and on the value of our time spent meditating.

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From here, learning all you can about biological rhythms, the body clock, biofeedback and how biorhythms work can give us the background to put auto circadian meditation to work. From there learning the discipline of auto circadian meditation is the final key in the engine to turn on the powerful forces that meditating in harmony with our biological rhythms can unleash.

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