Cheat Your Way Thin Review

I wrote this Cheat Your Way Thin review so you could learn about this remarkable fat loss product.

Back in 2003, quite by accident, fitness trainer Joel Marion discovered a way that he and you could be losing fat while still eating your favorite foods. You know, the foods that are supposed to be death for diets.

Foods like pizza, juicy burgers, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. All the things the diet books and diet experts tell you are forbidden.

Through 73 months of research and testing on thousands of people he learned and confirmed that if you cut your calories for a week or more your body reduces its metabolic rate. It goes into starvation mode. When that happens you are not able to lose fat due to the change in your metabolism.

He shows you how to prevent that from happening. You need to strategically cheat on your diet to keep your carbohydrate intake at a suitable level. By eating “bad” foods you can use those foods to help you lose fat faster.

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Knowing you can eat what you want at certain times helps you deal with your cravings. You know you can wait a few days.

You also can end your feelings of guilt and shame when you eat something “bad.”

This all sounded good to me so I decided to give it a try. I had been trying to lose weight for quite a while. I definitely had some pounds to take off. Not enough to get me on a TV program, but too much to be ignored. I did not know if this would work, but I was willing to take a chance.

Whether you care about my results or not, I will tell you that Joel Marion’s program did work for me. I achieved my fat loss goals. The proof came from my scales and my measuring tape. Best of all, I have kept the fat off for quite some time now.

I followed his directions exactly and I got my desired results. His reference cards made it simple for me to decide what to eat and when. I did not like keeping the success journal, but I did it because he said it helps.

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There is no way for me to know if his program will work for you. You may not be so good at following the plan. You may think you can get away with some extra cheating. You may skip the success journal.

My summary of this Cheat Your Way Thin review is that you have a better chance of fat loss success with Joel Marion’s program than with any other diet I know of. It works if you do.

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