Can Laxatives Help Lose Weight

Weight loss laxatives are taken by users to enhance the emptying of the large bowel. However, a lot of care should be taken to see to it that this method is not abused as mostly what it would result to would be excessive fluid loss from the body. This could well result to dehydration. It could also be followed by cases of water retention causing one to have a bloated bowel that will in turn make the user want to use more laxatives to “empty” the already empty bowel. Prolonged use of laxatives will eventually lead to a constant feeling of bloated tummy that will persist and in time causing the user severe side effects. They (laxatives) should be used after certain duration after meals to first make weight for food nutrients to be absorbed in the small intestines.

Laxative use is based on the fact that it is supposed to speed up bowel movement so that food materials are metabolized quickly. With time, this method has really gained popularity and it has become a darling of the masses. By stimulating the quickened activity of bowel movement, the laxatives prevent the large intestines from absorbing food materials which are excreted out of the body. Primarily, it was designed for people who were suffering form constipation .and it is still used for that purpose today. However, some wise person tried it on weight and it worked. It does not suppress the appetite but rather, after you take all the food that your body is crying for, the laxatives then speed up bowel movement before the food can be absorbed into the body.

Uncontrolled diarrhea may be experienced due to poor absorption of fat. Laxatives contain natural ingredients that are ingested into the body in liquid form. Some of them include castor oil, cascara and rhubarb root. These ingredients are all wonderful laxatives and may cause diarrhea if taken concurrently.

Laxatives have got many benefits which even though they are not related to weight loss, they might still be good for one’s health. One of them is that they act as stool softeners, and therefore improve digestion. On losing weight, they help in the burning up of calories after the bowel has emptied out and this is what brings about weight loss. If this method is used too often, it does not bring about weight loss because the absorption of calories and digested food material takes place in the small intestines. Therefore, the large bowel will only be emptied of undigested food material.

The speeded up movement of the bowel results to a food wastage process from the mouth to the rear. However, in some cases doctors might recommend it for a patient on whom other weight control methods are used, but they usually recommend it to be used for a certain period of time only and not to be abused. The ting that pleases the user so much is that after they take laxatives for a few days, they find their weight greatly reduced. Hardly do they know that it is due to the water that they have lost. Take laxative weight loss with doctors’ recommendation.

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